My Potassium Boost with Neutra K

In my recent post, I updated you about my low-calorie diet and fitness routine. No matter how much I wanted to achieve my goals, there will always be challenges. One of those challenges is the choice of foods—I was really having trouble planning what meals will I have daily 😂🤣🤣, so I gave up on the meal planning thing. One thing is for sure though— there are always chicken and eggs on my list. I shifted to the low-calorie diet because low-carb diet is really impossible for me to achieve. I am losing a lot of electrolytes and I am beginning to feel weak, that’s why i tried other alternative. Uhmm, and there are just a few that I couldn’t give up easily like coffee and salty and fatty foods. It’s not just cheat day 😂 because I have these with me daily and I just can’t resist the temptation. It’s hard to be disciplined when you are motivated to be physically fit, especially now that I would like to achieve a beach-ready body. It’s perfect timing that I learned recently that potassium can help me with this imbalance and now, I have started my potassium boost with Neutra K. 👏👏👏

What is K?

In Junior High school, you have probably mastered the table of elements, and I think you already know that K stands for Potassium. It is an essential mineral that helps maintain a good acid and base balance in the body. It is often found in bananas, potatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, etc.

Why is K important?

You badly need K if you have an imbalance in your body like what I am currently experiencing. In my case, the foods rich in potassium are not always present in our kitchen, that’s the reason why I opted to take a food supplement instead to boost or fill up my potassium needs.

Here are some benefits of K (potassium) and why do you need it:

❤️ It supports regulation of nerve and muscle functions.

❤️ It helps in lowering blood pressure.

❤️ It is an important nutrient in hydration and electrolyte balance.

❤️ It assists in reducing the formation of crystals in our kidneys.

❤️ It supports bone health

❤️ It is vital in the proper function of the heart, brain, and kidneys.

With these benefits, I am certain I really need K in my health, wellness, and fitness routine. Now that I am not getting any younger and I badly needed a K boost!

So, what’s the sign that you also need K?

Note: It is still best if you will still eat foods containing potassium or K. It doesn’t mean it can substitute those foods, it is just an option if you want daily potassium intake or you want a boost. You will still be the one responsible for having a balanced diet, and of course, accompany it with regular exercise. You also need to have a K boost if you are guilty of the following 🤣😂:

✅ High consumption of caffeine from sources like coffee and soda ☕️🥤

✅ High consumption of acidic foods and beverages

✅ You sweat a lot because of the extremely hot weather ☀️

✅ High alcohol intake which causes electrolyte imbalance that may lead to hangover

✅ High consumption of salty and fatty foods.

If you admit that you are guilty of those I have mentioned above, well, it’s time for you to have a move. Try Neutra K now and look forward to a healthy lifestyle.

You can visit their Lazada store here. It’s not too late to be fit and healthy. If you think it’s impossible to achieve your fitness goals, think again! There is always a way to figure out how to do it.

I hope that with this article, I have helped you somehow. Thank you so much for dropping by. Until next post!



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