My Scrub Master Review

Hey, are you a WAHM or a super busy individual who literally has no more time to insert household chores in your daily and hectic routine? Have you considered asking for help or a solution to this problem? I just purchased my Scrub Master (Turbo Power Scrubber) from Gemini Store PH and I just wanna share my review about this product. Who knows, this could be the product that you are waiting for and could be the perfect solution for your problem.

What’s in my Scrub Master box?

What Can Scrub Master Do?

Well, if you are already exhausted from work and you can’t bear to see the dirty bathroom, Scrub Master can help you with that 😏 It is an electric brush that helps you clean effortlessly. All you have to do is to charge it and the magic begins. Once it is fully charged, it can work for 90 minutes and as believe it or not, it’s as powerful as you manually scrub the tiles , walls and other surfaces of the bathroom. You can just relax while cleaning! (haha, but that’s possible!)

My Experience in Using Scrub Master

❤️ Honestly, I was hesitant at first if it would really remove the stains and clean the stubborn dirt in our bathroom. It’s very easy to use and it has complete instructions on how to use it.

❤️ When I used it, I was amazed how powerful it was and it can really lighten the stains and removes the dirt. It comes with a cleaning solution which is very effective (for me) and 3 kinds of brushes (flat brush, dome-shape and conical shape brush). After I have applied the solution on the surfaces for 15 minutes, I have witnessed the magic, hehe 😜 After cleaning, you can get back to work!

Is is worth your money?

For me, yes na yes! I’m a super busy person that’s why I barely have the time to clean 😂✌🏼 Moms like me are thinking of ways on how we can manage our time. For only P1750, you already have a cleaning partner. CR kasi ang pinakamahirap linisin. You don’t have to exert too much effort in cleaning because Scrub Master will do it for you.

I have shared my demonstration on YouTube, (Kung paano gamitin ang Scrub Master). Natuwa kasi ako and I wanted to show everyone about the difference (before and after shots of our bathroom in the video) Please watch and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed yet.

Wait, I also have something for you! You can have 10% off when you purchase your Scrub Master from Gemini Store. Just use my special discount code PRINCESS10. Happy cleaning 🧽 and I’m so excited for you to try this out.

Let me know what you guys think about Scrub Master so we can share it with other busy parents as well. Thank you for your time and until next post!


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