My Bucket List for 2021

Yes, we still have a few more months left for 2021, but I still have a lot in my bucket list. Though I can say that 2021 is a lucky year for me despite of the pandemic, there are still things that I want to do. In this post, I am sharing my bucket list for 2021.

⏹ Go to Tagaytay with the whole family

I have been to Tagaytay for school tours, but never for a family vacation. I told Hubby I wanted to book an overnight staythere to just enjoy the cold weather and relaxing view, but I think he doesn’t want to spend the night there so I guess I have to create a one-day itinerary if ever will push through with this.

⏹ Book an overnight stay at Okada Manila

I have been to 5-star hotels like Edsa Shangri-la, The Manila Hotel, and Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, but I wanted to experience how it’s like to spend the night at Okada Manila. I wanted to try even their deluxe room and I started to look for available dates, but my preferred dates are not available anymore. I might be able to book an overnight stay, but for 2022. I think that it’s not possible for me to check this one, but I will it still include this on my list.

⏹ Manila Day Tour

I hope the GCQ /ECQ will be over so it will be possible again to have a day tour in Manila. We still want to go to the Rizal Park for a picnic, watch the fountain ⛲️, go to the zoo, museum, Intramuros and dine in one of the restaurants there while watching a cultural show.

⏹ Have a Memorable Wedding Anniversary Celebration

On October 30 will be our 19th Wedding anniversary and I haven’t thought yet how are we going to celebrate it. Usually, we book for an overnight stay in a hotel or just have a simple dinner at home, but this year I just wanted it to be different. Any suggestions? Feel free to suggest (as long as it is budget-friendly 😂😂😂)


⏹ Birthday Celebration in Boracay

I already have plans, but… I will just share it to you probably a few days before my birthday 🎂. Boracay has been my favorite summer destination and it will always be my favorite 😍 Since I am working hard, I deserve to treat myself, right?


⏹ Try a Cooking/Baking Vlog

I can cook— it’s just not one of my favorite hobbies 😂 But when I started to have a diet meal plan, I started looking for recipes and I thought of cooking or baking. One of the challenges of course is the time that I will devote in doing it, but it’s worth a try anyway 😜

⏹ Home Renovation/Improvement Part 2

We just had a home improvement last February for the kids’ room, my father’s room, and laundry area. Now, before the year ends, I wanted to have another home improvement (just for the small space near the front door) , installation of tiles in our bedroom and customized closet.


Well, I still have a lot i mind, but I will save it for 2022. Honestly, I am not sure if I will be able to accomplish everything in this list. We need to carefully plan about it and we have to consider the budget and everyone’s schedule. If ever I will be able to do EVERYTHING on this list, it will be happiest person on earth 😍😊 I know it would be quite challenging on my part because I am always busy, but achieving 5 out of 7 would be a great achievement for me,

What do you think about my bucket list? Can you share yours too? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a lot for taking time to read this post.


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