New Normal Family Bonding @ Cattleya Resort Antipolo

Pool 10 (Barbara) @ Cattleya Resort in Antipolo City

Cattleya Resort Antipolo is one of the classiest and affordable private resorts in Antipolo City. It is nestled in Bo. Colaique, Sitio Ibabaw, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City (near Loreland Resort). It’s our 3rd time here, and I still love the place because it’s not crowded and the place is well-maintained and sanitized. (You can check my previous post about the resort here ).

Why did we book at Cattleya Resort?

Honestly, Cattleya Resort Antipolo is not my first choice for Hubby’s birthday celebration and OTPB blog launch. I have booked 2 rooms at Edsa Shangri-la Manila and even paid for the overnight stay for the whole family. I just cancelled a few days before the date of our stay because I found out that guests have to present a negative RT-PCR test if they are not yet fully vaccinated because of the new guidelines from IATF. So, that would mean paying P30,000 for us just for the RT-PCR test because at that time, only Hubby is the one who has a vaccination card. My father and I have been vaccinated just a few days ago. Hmm, so when I have realized that the RT-PCR fee is more expensive than the room booking (P18,000 for just 2 rooms), I immediately called the hotel to cancel the reservation and requested to process the refund for my payment.

Booking Inclusions

The private pool (Pool 10-Barbara)

Cattleya Resort Antipolo has a total of 19 pools, but we were assigned to Pool # 10 since we are only 6. Before the pandemic, that pool can accommodate up to 25 pax, but they have limited their entrance capacity because of the situation and even restricted the use of videoke. We paid P4500 for our private pool with kitchen, long table, barbecue area, stove and gas, refrigerator, air-conditioned room with 6 beds, and restroom.

What I love about Cattleya Resort

1. The rates are obviously affordable. Our private pool Barbara is only P4500 for daytime booking (9am to 5pm).

2. They follow safety protocols so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety as well and the place is clean, well-maintained and sanitized.

3. You have your privacy so even if you are wearing a sexy swimsuit , you won’t be ashamed to show off your body 🤣😂

4. You can cook your own food. Stove and gas is a part of the package, but make sure to bring your own kitchen utensils.

Hubby’s birthday celebration 🎉🎂🎈🎁
Our Boodle Tray from Kusina ni Mister

5. There’s a 30 minute-1 hour use of the jacuzzi.

6. The WIFI signal is also stable during our booking. We brought our wireless wifi so we can check our social media accounts from time to time. Though we were not able to use the videoke and there was no television, we were not bored.

You can watch my vlog here about our family bonding @ Cattleya Resort Antipolo! (Please subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I am planning to make my bucket list for the rest of the year and I will share that to you soon! Until next post 🙂


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