My Fitness & Wellness Journey Update

As part of my 2021 goals, I plan to have a consistent training program, a diet plan and a healthy lifestyle. I was supposed to have my fitness journey with Anytime Fitness Antipolo in 2020, and the pandemic taught me to be independent… I had to do and discover things on my own. Instead of going out, where there are risks of having the deadly virus, I just decided to have my daily fitness routine at home. It’s very challenging for me because there are so many factors affecting my routine. It’s halfway through the year, and I just want to share with you my fitness and wellness journey and my plan for the rest of the year.

My Daily Workout Schedule

I haven’t been consistent with my training over the last several months. I’ve been lazy getting up since I’ve been busy with our home renovations and office work. Of course, I gained weight and it was quite recently that I started working again on a daily basis. I’m doing something light… I start my day with 10 minutes on the treadmill and just recently, I enjoy Leslie Samsone’s walking exercise and I think it would be effective for me. I spend 15-30 minutes per day doing this before I take a shower and have breakfast.

My Diet Plan

Now, this is something that I should really work on with. I definitely need a meal plan to achieve the curves I wanted. I actually considered the idea, but I would be spending P12,000 up per month and t it would add up to our monthly expenses. so it’s definitely an ❌ 😂 🤣 Making my own meal would really help a lot because I need to devote some time and effort to it. I hesitated because I am really busy, but I have thought about this carefully. I’m quite desperate to lose weight and after learning about some health benefits, YES, I will finally do it!

Since I already have decided to give it a go, I also thought which diet program to choose. I was thinking about having a vegan diet, but that would mean I would cut on dairy products as well. I also thought of having a Keto Diet, but I’m having trouble with the food choices since I am a very picky eater. I decided to have a low-calorie diet instead (with less carbs as much as possible)

I am currently working on my first weekly plan and I had to customize it since there are only limited foods that I eat, so the meals would be more on egg-based and chicken-based. I started ordering low-carb ingredients online and I’m collecting recipes that would help me in completing my meal plan.

Well, I know this would be challenging as a starter, but I will get used to it somehow. The challenge is not in the routine itself , but with the ingredients and the preparation per meal, I am using My Carb Manager app and it helps me limit my meals per day to 1018 calories. So far, I already shifted from the regular instant coffee with 120 cal to sugar-free coffee with 42 cal. I also started with NO RICE meal, and getting super conscious with everything I eat 🤣

Sandwich 🥪 with low-carb cheesy pimiento spread and sugar-free strong coffee

Vitamins & Supplements

To keep me strong and healthy, I take these vitamins daily.

1. Vitamin C

2. Ferrous sulfate

Ever since I suffered from excessive bleeding in 2019, ferrous sulfate has really helped me a lot. I always make sure that I have enough stocks per month.


Every time I need to destress and I feel lazy to go out to the spa, I just book a home service massage or spa service at Nexus Spa. Despite the hectic schedule, working moms like me should also have a “Me Time.”

My dear friends, the purpose of my fitness journey is not only to lose weight (though it’s one of the reasons). I started to be serious in doing it because I also need to be physically and mentally fit for my family. I will update you from time to time. Thank you so much for your time in reading this. Please take some time to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet ❤️


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