Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day ❤️

Today is Father’s Day and as the tradition goes, we show appreciation to our dad and husband on this day. We send gifts, cards, or do something that would make them feel loved and special. Well, there are countless ways to do that: you can opt to have a simple to lavish celebration (whatever suits your mood and budget of course). One thing to remember though is that you are doing this to honor and appreciate them for everything that they have done for your family. Whatever preparation that you are doing, you need to make sure of the very special component— LOVE and SINCERITY.

Here are some ideas to make them feel appreciated and loved:

1. SIMPLE GREETINGS – You can greet him casually, electronically (via email or text message) , video call or song greeting , letter, or card just to let him smile on his special day. It’s a reminder that you did not forget him.

2. SPECIAL LUNCH or DINNER- You can book seats for your family in your favorite restaurant. If your dad is a senior citizen and is not yet allowed to travel , you can opt to have takeout food instead. Make sure you ordered his favorite food and don’t forget the dessert and wine too!If you have a limited budget and you know how to cook, it would be better if you will cook something for him.

3. HOME SERVICE MASSAGE- Most of our dads love to feel relaxed, so we can give them the gift of relaxation. If they are not allowed to go out yet, home service massage is perfect!

4. SEND A SIMPLE GIFT- Now, there is no reason for you to say you don’t have the time to shop because you are busy. During the pandemic, personal shoppers made it easier and convenient for us to shop 😊. If you have the time and you are creative enough 😂 it would be better to just create something for him like a personalized hankie or bag.

Photo credit to my personal shopper Cath Basilio 🥰❤️

5. GIVE THE GIFT OF TIME- Take your day OFF. Spend watching a movie or do something together to make the day memorable (do your favorite hobby , sports, or workout)

6. BOOK A STAYCATION FOR THE FAMILY- This is for those who have an extra budget, but of course, for the typical family , you can think of alternative way to make his stay at home special.

These are just a few things that you can do to express that you love your dad or husband. You can go on and on and think of something new, but It doesn’t matter if you have a simple celebration or not, as long as they feel special, appreciated, and loved, that would be enough to make their day. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there!

Note: I will upload pics of our Father’s Day Celebration ❤️❤️❤️


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