My Blogging Workstation Transformation

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, I have been working from home. Since I run my own business and I’m the boss, I’ve managed to squeeze a certain amount of time into blogging. I chose to have my workspace in the bedroom because I can concentrate there with less noise and distractions. I might as well jump into bed and take a nap if I suddenly feel exhausted. Well, if this is going to be my workstation, I should consider upgrading it to make it more pleasant and comfortable. Honestly, the second floor of our home is not fully completed. Because, we were busy, it took some time before we made it less an eyesore, haha! We just used the bedroom to rest, but now, I have to take an action because this will be my work area as well. The challenge for me now is how to transform the messy room into a relaxing and cozy workstation. And thus, the blogging workstation transformation begins.

I used to share my table with Hubby, but when I started the WFH setup, I purchased a new table for myself so I can also work when he is working. We placed our tables near the window so we can have natural lighting. It would take some time for me to fully transform our bedroom into a relaxing area, so I focused on MY blogging workstation transformation instead.

This small workspace is where I work on my blogs, vlogs, have coffee, and watch movies on Netflix. I ordered some items that I need to start with the transformation.


  1. Minimalist Wooden Table –purchased via Lazada (Happy Dito)P3,046
  2. 2 pcs. Zebra Roller Blinds, Pleated (150×160 cm) – purchased via Lazada (VisionDecor)- P2,366.4
  3. Faux Leather Mid Back Manager Chair (Black) –purchased via Lazada (Flitchome)P2415
  4. 3 Layered Wood Shelf Hanging Set- Purchased via Lazada (Hanzel) P626.00
  5. 20×22 inches vanity mirror with bulbs –purchased via Lazada (Vanity Mirrors)P2,094.00
  6. 15 pcs. 60 x 30 cm 3D DIY Foam Wallpaper- purchased via Lazada (CTR)P1835
  7. 3 pcs. pink Plush Faux Fur Fabric –purchased via Lazada (Beau Galleria)P463.50
  8. 140x200cm 2 Tone Soft Fluffy Multicolor Bedroom Floor Carpet –purchased via Lazada (USJE Trading)P1,314
  9. Super Soft Fluffy Faux Wool Fur Seat Cover- purchased via Lazada (Baby-Bala Mall) –P730.50
  10. Panasonic Window Type Aircon (purchased from the SM Appliance Center -SM Masinag) -P25,000
  11. Pink Stationery & Office Organizer (purchased through my PS -SM Call to Deliver) –P999.75
  12. Noise-Cancelling Headset (purchased through my PS -SM Call to Deliver)P699
  13. Tripod with ringlight –purchased through HMR) –P799.00

I needed an organizer to place my planner, notebooks, headset, pens, bond papers, and some of my beauty stuff. It should be near my table so I can easily grab the things I need.

I ordered a vanity mirror that I used as some sort of divider between our tables. Well, yes, it’s intended to be used when I have beauty vlogs or when I use makeup, but I seldom do. I use the mirror to look at myself when I work. It helps me to concentrate and focus 🙂

I put pink foam wallpapers on the wall and placed a floor carpet on my work area. I just need a vacuum cleaner because it easily catches dirt.


In the above photo, you can see the comparison. I am also sharing my video for a quick tour to my workstation.

So, that’s it for now. Hopefully, in the Part 2 of this transformation, I will be able to show our bedroom by the end of this year (need muna mag-ipon). I’m planning to have customized closet/wardrobe, a coffee station, a sofa bed and entertainment center. Thank you so much for taking time to read this. Please subscribe to my YT channel if you have not subscribed yet.


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