My February 2021 Highlights

January Recap

I started 2021 with a bang, loaded with positive hopes and energy. In my January posts, I have shared how I have managed my finances by making a budget plan. I am also consistent with my morning fitness routine at home and I upgraded from regular Globe postpaid to The Platinum Plan. Forgive me for this late update about my February 2021 Highlights, because I was engrossed with work, but it’s better to be late than not sharing my fun and exciting discoveries and activities last month.

My February Highlights

I am always busy with my work and because it’s the new normal, we have A LOT of adjustments to make. It’s a good thing, I am still managing to work things out. Well, it’s hard to be a SUPER woman/mom/wife/businesswoman, this pandemic and my FEB-big month won’t turn into a successful one without my new discoveries.

1. My Virtual Shopping Experience at SM Masinag

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Honestly, I don’t have a good experience with the SM’s messaging app. I tried to book a dining pod thru their messenger, but I got no reply– in other words, it’s totally USELESS. On the contrary, my virtual experience shopping with them was awesome. Having a personal shopper is a LIFESAVER. Now, I don’t have to worry if I have missed buying something at the mall or if I have anything in mind, it’s just simply a call, text or chat away. The items will be delivered in our place 🙂

2. Afternoon Teatime @ EDSA Shangri-la’s Lobby Lounge

Edsa Shangrila is one of my favorite hotels where we usually have our staycation during important occasions. What I miss about ESL is their unlimited sweets and refreshments @ The Horizon Club Lounge. Unfortunately, the lounge isn’t open yet that’s why I couldn’t enjoy that kind of pleasure. When I found out that they have a Valentine offer for an afternoon tea time, I have booked for a table for 2 so Hubby and I can spend a romantic time together.

3. Valentine’s Day Celebration at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens

I was just curious about the place, that’s why I booked for 2 Hanging Gardens Getaway package (P1750 per pax) at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens in Antipolo City.. The package is inclusive of 5 hours access to the hanging gardens (sauna, Jacuzzi, infinity and hydro pool, Dr. Fish Spa, and meditation lounges), set meal and welcome snacks.

I didn’t expect that it would be that crowded at that time. Had I known we won’t be enjoying the privacy, I wouldn’t have booked for that package. Based from what we have experienced, there will be NO part 2.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the view and the facilities, but probably this place is for younger people and more athletic ones, this won’t be an issue for them. It was difficult on our part because we had to trek and use the stairs to be able to go to the pool and Jacuzzi. So, after taking a refreshing shower, you will still perspire because you have to climb up the stairs.

They also didn’t inform me that chicken is not available in the set menu, so I ended up buying my own lunch. It was too late also because I already had my lunch when the snacks were served 🙁 Anyway, this is part of exploring and we won’t know unless we won’t be able to experience it ourselves. The important thing is I have spent that special day with Hubby 🙂

4. Instant Hair Transformation Discovery

1 Minute Hair Transformation
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For February also, I have discovered an INSTANT solution to my hair problems. This is just temporary for instant hair transformation, but it’s a big help for a busy person like me. By using Keratin Plus Gold Brazilian Hair Treatment, in just a matter of 1 minute, my frizzy hair will transform into a soft, celebrity-like hair.

5. New Skincare Discovery

I have another beauty secret UNLOCKED and that is by using HIKARU deep-cleansing and moisturizing oil! I didn’t know I would be able to achieve having a glass-skin like Korean women and I’m super happy with the result 🙂

6. DIY Dishwashing Liquid and Liquid Handsoap

Of course, I would save the best for last! Sharing a new way to augment your income this pandemic is my favorite highlight of the month. Wise Cleaner has made it possible for us to do that and with just P260-280 for the DIY kits, not only will you have your own liquid detergent for your consumption, but it’s a better way to earn. This deserves a separate article for each DIY tutorial so you can read it and follow the step-by-step guide aside from the videos that I have posted. Hopefully, I will be able to have some time to do that this March.

That’s all, folks! What to watch out for my MARCH articles?

-My wellness routine

– My new discoveries this International Women’s Month

– My home work area makeover/transformation (if I will be able to finish it this month)

-Fashion haul

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