1 Minute Hair Transformation

Instant Hair Transformation: My Keratin Plus Gold Hair Treatment Review

1 Minute Hair Transformation

“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.” –It’s the saying I hear from most women. Before, I thought that investing on my hair is a waste of money and time, but as time goes by, my perspective has changed. I have realized that as we age, we have to enjoy our life to the fullest, and that starts with loving yourself. I had my first rebond in 2016, and I was very pleased with the result. From that time, I have managed to pamper my hair once in a while. I also discover other ways of treating my hair because it’s still dry and damaged. In fact, I have shared one of SOS treatment in this post. Most of the time, the salon stylist often refused to rebond my hair is because it did not pass the test. So, last year, I had Kerabond instead of the regular rebonding. I was about to go to the salon and schedule for a hair spa treatment until I came across KERATIN PLUS GOLD Intense Brazilian Hair Treatment. Let me share my Keratin Plus Gold review.

Why I Have Decided to Try Keratin Plus Gold?

Going to a salon is quite expensive, so I have to think of an alternative way to achieve my “hair goals” without having an empty pocket, hehe! We wanted to look drop-dead gorgeous, but we need to be practical too. I usually spend less than P1,000 for a hair spa treatment (price varies depending on the brand that you will use). It’s a good thing I have discovered Keratin Plus Gold Hair Treatment. For only P8.00 in Lazada, you can have this one-minute treatment! Does that sound good? Of course, it does, but we won’t know how effective it is unless we try.

Keratin Plus Nourishing Shampoo Rescue

Before I try this hair treatment, I have used Keratin Plus Nourishing Shampoo first to achieve a better result. It has again oil, which makes the hair shiny, soft and manageable. It also has ceramide that strengthens the hair, which is best for my chemically-treated and damaged hair.

Why Keratin Plus Gold Intense Brazilian Hair Treatment?

Though there are other hair treatments like the Keratin Plus Black Brazilian Hair Treatment and Red Luxurious Brazilian Hair Treatment, I tried Keratin Plus Gold INTENSE because my hair needs extra help. It has rosemary oil that treats hair loss and sunflower oil that moisturizes the hair. I was also dead-curious if it’s true that there is such thing as instant hair transformation, so I had to discover for myself.


Before and After comparison

What I loved about the product:

  1. Affordable alternative hair treatment. For P8.00 per sachet, you can use it twice (depending on the length of your hair).
  2. Easy to use (Just put a generous amount of the hair treatment on your palm and gently apply to your hair. After one minute, rinse your hair well and dry it.
  3. It has a pleasant scent.
  4. You can see the effect once you have applied it to your hair and finger-combed it. You can see that it’s shinier, softer, and has volume.

I highly recommend using Keratin Plus Gold Intense Brazilian Hair Treatment for instant hair transformation. With Keratin Plus Gold, you can achieve the Brazilian hair treatment you wanted for a very affordable price. You don’t have to go to the salon for an expensive hair treatment.

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Where can you purchase Keratin Plus Gold?

It’s available in Lazada, Shopee, Puregold and SM Stores. You can also check their FB Page

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