My Virtual Shopping Experience at SM City Masinag (My Personal Shopper)

The Advantages of Getting a Personal Shopper at SM

For a busy person like me, time is really precious. This is why everything should be planned to be more productive. In our current situation, there has been a dramatic shift in my lifestyle and my daily routine as well. I usually spend my time in the management of my business that sometimes I feel so guilty that I neglect my family. I only go out every Sunday, when we buy groceries at SM City Masinag, but we NEVER really go around the department stores and boutiques to shop. We only spend a few hours at the mall since we have a lot to do at home, but gosh, who can resist a 3-Day Sale? In my previous post, I have explained the importance of setting a budget plan so you can calculate and manage your own expenses. So, you see, I really need access to SALE as much as possible. In this article, I will share about my virtual shopping experience and how I got a personal shopper at SM City Masinag via SM Call to Deliver.

What is a Personal Shopper?

A personal shopper is an employee of a shopping center who assists and takes care of your shopping needs. You tell exactly the description and quantity of your orders and he will do the rest. In case an item is not available, he will be suggesting items similar to that product. He can also find something for you according to your taste.

How Did I Get A Personal Shopper?

Last week, I was really busy and I have already made my plans for the Valentine Week, so I was not sure if it was possible for us to go to the mall for the SALE where we can purchase items up to 50% off. Fortunately, I got a call from SM Call to Deliver and I was informed that there’s a way for me to purchase the products I wanted for the 3-Day Sale even if I don’t go to the mall. (Well, that sounds really interesting!) So, when the caller mentioned that he will be my personal shopper, I immediately agreed to connect with him on Viber so he can assist me further,

Well, having a personal shopper sounds cool, I mean I can save time in going to the store. Now, that I’m becoming busier-because recently, I’m getting a chance to get a few collabs as an influencer (aside from being a blogger) for beauty brands; therefore, I need extra help. The reality is I need to get some trendy new clothes too if I will be creating new content, but I wasn’t sure if we can go to the mall that weekend because I had prior arrangements already–that’s when my personal shopper came into the picture. It was a perfect-timing for that particular call and it was handled by Arcksoon Ampunan professionally.

My Virtual Shopping Experience

This might sound a little odd and peculiar to have a male personal shopper. Believe it or not, I didn’t even have uncomfortable moments or “ilang factor” with our transaction. Surprisingly, Arcsoon of SM Call to Deliver did an excellent job in getting my orders. He even double-checked to make sure that the items are correct. He asked what exactly do I want to get so he can forward the photos that I can choose from. I asked him to look for tops (True Love brand) and after a few minutes, he sent the photos.

My Virtual shopping experience for finding tops and dresses (True Love) picked by my personal shopper at SM

I just described what I was looking for. I want metallic gray or any shade as long as it has a glittery material fabric. I didn’t expect that he would be able to get what I really wanted.

What I Purchased


I got the metallic tops via SM Call to Deliver @ P499.75 for 2 pcs. (It was actually a good deal for the price!) I used the metallic gray top in our afternoon tea time at Edsa Shangri-la last week. It fit perfectly with the jeans I purchased at Dickies (sale also @ Buy 1 Take 1 for the price of P2,000). The top looked elegant and it was just perfect for the occasion.

The tops I purchased from SM Call to Deliver and secured by my personal shopper at SM


I have chosen large size for the clothes I purchased. Some of them are big for me, especially the white glittery dress that I have mistaken for a long top. Well, I guess, I just have to do something about it like altering or adjusting to make it smaller in the bust area. Overall, I spent P1,946 for 6 items– not bad at all.

Smooth Transaction and Payment

It was easy transacting with Arcksoon of SM City Masinag Call to Deliver because he was very friendly and professional. He forwarded videos and photos and verified the order before giving the payment link. The SM Stores have different payment options like COD, Gcash, and credit/debit card. I settled the payment using Gcash. He sent the payment link to me and after a few minutes, I finally got the items!

Overall Recommendation

Virtual shopping is an option for busy people like me. I have ordered from online stores before and in most cases, I get inaccurate and wrong orders though I have specified the right color and size. The advantage of having a personal shopper is that there is person who would contact you in real time to discuss about your orders. It’s best to work with a personal shopper whom you can trust and be comfortable with. I’m so glad it was Arcksoon of SM City Masinag who was assigned that time to be my personal shopper. I didn’t have to worry about my shopping needs because he’s just a text, char, or call away. You can reach Arksoon here (0921 3394145).

Probably, it’s about time to have your personal shopper too, and the best part is that the service is FREE. For more details, you may call #143SM (#14376) and a personal shopper from SM Call to Deliver will assist you.

PHOTO and VIDEO credits to Arcksoon Ampunan

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