My Station Zero Experience: A Review of CRIMSON BORACAY

After spending two nights in Microtel Boracay where the secluded Diniwid Beach is, I was excited to transfer to Crimson Boracay. It wasn’t really my plan anyway, but the important thing is, I was able to book a room and experienced staying there no matter if my experience is good or not. And so, theexcitement begins… Since it was our first time to book there, I was curious to know if I have made the right decision to book it or not. In this comprehensive Crimson Boracay review, I will be sharing what we love about the hotel and what to look forward to if you are going to stay. I also have a few suggestions on how can they improve their service.

The Location

Crimson Hotel Boracay

Crimson Boracay, an isolated luxury hotel with a private beach, is tucked away on Brgy. Yapak, which is the reason it’s called “Station Zero.” I was curious why it became a big hit with Boracay tourists despite of the location.


Honestly, I didn’t expect too much because I know I will be hurt in the end if I do. I was expecting something like Fairways & Bluewater— a higher than average type, but with complete amenities., I imagined bigger swimming pools, functional amenities like restaurants and gym.


Let’s start this Crimson Boracay review with the staff who picked us up at the lobby of Microtel Boracay. He arrived earlier and spoke eloquently and with a great deal of politeness. He went through and explained the security protocols. We used a foot bath mat into which we walked prior to going to the van. He also asked us if we were satisfied with the aircon temperature and even offered us snacks and gave us bottled water. Then, we were escorted to a huge lobby where Ms. Shien gladly welcomed us.

Check in at Crimson Boracay
check-in at Crimson Boracay


I would never have believed that Crimson Boracay would surpass my expectations. It turned out to be a posh hotel and resort with modern interiors. The area was well maintained and they program the sanitization and disinfection of the rooms on a regular basis. Although when we registered, there was an area under construction, but it was  clean. The front desk officer, Ms. Shien, assisted us with the check-in process and explained that we will be staying in the Cobalt Building near the pool. She created a group chat in Viber for faster coordination.


We stayed in a SUITE with SEA VIEW (55-square meter Double Occupancy room for 3 adults) but I was surprised when I found out that our suite has access to the pool! Oh, how convenient! We went to swim that afternoon and catch the sunset 🙂

Shane's sofabed in our seaview suite at Crimson Hotel Boracay
Shane’s sofabed

The suite has one bedroom, but the living room was converted to another bedroom for the third adult.

What I Love About Crimson Boracay

Now that I have already shared my first impression and had a quick room tour, let us continue my Crimson Boracay review. Here are the reasons why I love Crimson Boracay and why it’s worth the money.

1. The Spacious Veranda with Breathtaking View of Paradise

The spacious veranda in our seaview suite at Crimson Hotel Boracay

I always prefer a room/suite with balcony/veranda when we reserve. We used this place to relax while gazing at the stunning beach. We also used it to dry our clothes, hehe!

2. The Bathroom

One of the things I check is the bathroom– where the bathtub, shower, and the toiletries are located. It has a sliding door leading to the living room.

Our bathtub in our seaview suite at Crimson Boracay
The bathtub

We love soaking our bodies in lukewarm water after dipping in the pool or the beach.


I love freebies and take note- these are not cheap. They have free bottled water, welcome fruits, and premium tea and coffee making machine in the suite.

The welcome fruits
Nespresso machine

For the toiletries, the shampoo and conditioners are made of good quality and the lotion is not sticky.

They provided an Eco bag, hat, and sanitation kits which include face mask, gloves, alcohol and sanitizing gel.

4. Clean and sanitized rooms and amenities

They prioritize the safety and health of their guests so they clean the room and amenities regularly, Even the kayak and the Paddleboard that we borrowed during our stay were disinfected first before they let us use it.

5. Efficient Front Desk Staff

I really like Shien because she took care of our needs when we were there. Things were worry-free because she took care of booking our gym appointment and took our orders for breakfast at the Azure Beach Club.

6. Generous serving of a la carte meals during breakfast

Though it was not buffet-style like what I got used to in our recent trips, it wasn’t bad at all! You can choose from the menu and can have multiple orders of their ala carte menu as long as your stomach can take it–hahaha! I liked the taste and food presentation as well.

Not only that, if you feel lazy to go out and just wanted to stay in your room, they have the room service so you can have your meals and even the welcome drinks be delivered to your room.

7. Strong WIFI connection

Having a fast and strong Internet connection is ESSENTIAL to me, particularly because I use it for work. I check emails and posts almost every hour or less and upload images and video clips to my social media accounts. I never had a problem connecting to their network and they have a strong signal too.

8. The Swimming Pools

We have enjoyed the privacy at Crimson Boracay unlike other public pools. Here, we can stay at the lounge chairs and relax while admiring the beauty of nature.

at the pool near our beach view suite
The main pool at Crimson Hotel Boracay
Swimming at the pool with Shane

9. The Private Beach

Unlike the White Beach, the private beach at Crimson is not crowded. Even if you wear sexy swimsuits, it’s fine because no one is watching you.

10. The Gym/Fitness Club

I missed hitting the gym to burn some calories that is why I have arranged an appointment in our second day. It’s not crowded and you have to follow the safety protocols before you enter. An appointment is necessary before going there; otherwise, you can’t be given an access to use it.


This Crimson Boracay review aims to inform not only the public what to anticipate in their upcoming trip if they intend to book at this hotel. It also includes suggestions on how they can improve their service and of course, make necessary actions as well.

1. Coordination among the staff

Well, during our last day, there was a misunderstanding with our orders. (You can access my post here). I think the orders were properly endorsed by Ms. Shien to the kitchen team, but since they were busy at that time, probably they missed one. We understand that we commit mistakes and it’s part of our journey to improve our service.

2. Provide additional shuttle service

Though I said in my previous post that you don’t really need to go out because you will be satisfied with staying in the resort, there should be an option for other guests. Others would prefer to go to the White Beach or other places, so it would be convenient for them to have a FREE ride with reasonable schedule.

3. The stinky stairs leading to the beach

We couldn’t help but to notice the unpleasant smell everytime we use the stairs leading to the private beach. I hope they can do something about this soon.


In this Crimson Boracay review, I gave them an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. There were a few flaws, but I really like the ambiance and cool architecture and stylish furnishings. If not for the misunderstanding of the kitchen team and the front desk, the shuttle service, and the stinky stairs, I would have given them a perfect score.

Despite of those flaws, we will definitely be back at Station Zero. Probably, next time, we can try the villa with plunge pool. I highly recommend CRIMSON BORACAY especially if you are picky like me. You can check if they have promos in their website.


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