Last Taste of Paradise at DSB (Boracay 2020 Day 5)

Hello, guys! This is Part 5 of my Boracay 2020 holiday with my family. Pasensya na, I’ve been really busy but I’m trying hard to finish up to Day 6 and the hotel reviews. In my previous post, I have shared about our arrival and whole day stay in Crimson Boracay. In this article, I will be sharing about our last taste of paradise last year. Yes, it was our last whole day in Boracay because we were leaving early in the morning the next day. Honestly, I think our 6-day vacation was not enough– probably 10 days or 2 weeks next time? (Why not?)

Last Day in Crimson Boracay

Why last day? I wanted something different, soI booked 3 different hotels– from the secluded Diniwid Beach (Microtel Boracay) to Station Zero, I decided to spend the last overnight at Discovery Shores which is located at Station 1, a quiet part of the White Beach.

Of course, we wanted to make the most of our few hours at Crimson Boracay so we carefully planned our activities. Seeing this amazing view was enough to encourage us to go out and enjoy. I got a little guilty-all of a sudden I wished I had chosen to spend our last day at Crimson Boracay. A part of me didn’t want to leave.

We wanted to enjoy so after having a cup of coffee, we headed to the private beach 🙂

Morning Walk

We walked from Crimson’s private beach to Shangri-las’s beachfront.

Morning Swim

We enjoyed the beach and the pool for the last time. It was an unforgettable experience for us- We love the facilities, service and the private beach. So, yes, definitely, we will be back in the future 🙂

Hubby borrowed the Paddleboard before we leave

Our sea view suite has an access to the pool so it was very convenient for us to just swim whenever we want to.

Last Breakfast @ Azure Beach Club

Because of the experience we had the day before—we waited so long for the food to be served, we took their advice. I called reception and listed our orders so they could prepare the food ahead of time to avoid the hassle. Ms. Shien even phoned us to remind us of breakfast and even verified our orders. (3 egg omelet, 1 Daing na Bangus with garlic rice, 1 pancake, 1 chicken noodle soup)

We thought we were okay this time, but when we received our orders, there was no pancake. I asked the staff, but she insisted that this was not included in orders. This goes against what Ms.  Shein told me she relayed everything. Regardless, I didn’t want to ruin my day.

Although the service style ala carte, they have a generous serving and you can order again as long as your stomach can still take it.

Checkout @ Crimson

Ms. Shien also checked what time will we be picked up by Discovery Shores. She tried to call DSB to let them know that they can pick us up earlier. She let us stay in the room and had our luggage picked up while we were waiting for the DSB van.

I had mixed emotions- I was half wretched because we were about to leave and I was half excited because we will be back at DSB.

Arrival @ Discovery Shores Boracay

Well, I really didn’t know what to expect that time, but I was looking forward to stay in our 2 bedroom premier suite. I have known DSB for their superb service and that’s one of the reasons I chose them to be one of our homes in Boracay for our 6-day vacation. We also wanted to experience White Beach that’s why I decided to book DSB.

Check-in at DSB

check-in inside our suite

Last time, we checked in at the restaurant because DSB has no spacious receiving area/lobby. Now, we had the check-in process inside our room– that’s one of the changes we have noticed because of the pandemic. Also, like what they did in Crimson, they coordinated with us through Viber.

Below is a video of our quick room tour of our 2-bedroom suite premier.

Coffee time!

After the quick tour in our two bedroom premier suitem we had coffee before we go to D’Mall to buy some stuff.

Last time, I think that was in 2016 when we last stayed in DSB in a junior suite. This time, we have upgraded to a two-bedroom premier suite. Shane has her own bedroom in the second floor so she had the privacy that she wanted.


We decided to go to D’Mall to buy shirts and souvenirs. It’s a good thing DSB has a shuttle service. We were dropped to D’mall and picked up from there back to the hotel. We were able to come back for our jacuzzi time!

Jacuzzi Time!

That’s one of the reasons I picked our suite — it has an outdoor Jacuzzi where we can relax and enjoy the stunning views of the beach. So we just savored the moment–after all, that’s why we had this 6-day vacation. We really needed quality time for ourselves.

We wanted to just stay in our suite so we just ordered pizza and had our dinner there. (Sorry, I lost the pics of our dinner that night)

the pool at DSB at night
Mirror shot 🙂

We decided not to go out because we had to rest to save our energy because we will be leaving the next day. My review about Crimson Boracay and Discovery Shores will be posted soon 🙂 I will have my separate article of my DSB hotel review and special tour in their signature suites.

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