An Amazing Day at Crimson Boracay (Day 4)

Hello, dear readers! In my previous article, I have shared about our arrival in Crimson Boracay. We totally loved the place that we decided to stay there for the whole day to make the most out of our stay. This time, we have planned our activities for Day 4 carefully.

Morning Activities

Coffee time!

I’m a coffee lover so my day literally starts with a cup of coffee! Of course, having a relaxing view is a plus! So I was in the mood to explore and have a tour of the amenities. Thanks to Ms. Shien, she informed me that a reservation is needed if we will go to the gym, so we booked an appointment at 3pm.

Morning swim

The next step on our schedule is to take a dip in the morning. Super ganda kaya ng beach! It’s like we’re in paradise and we want to stay there because everything we see and experience is pleasant It was as if I was dreaming and didn’t want to wake up and come back to reality. I should say this experience in staying at Station Zero is worth it because we have enjoyed the private beach.

The beach lounge chairs

We just appreciated the beauty of nature– we temporarily forgot our troubles and “we time” muna. The reason why we flew in Boracay is to have a break and de-stress.

Crimson’s Private Beach

From Team Yellow, Team Red naman. We just took pictures before we took a dip at the beach. Well, it was a brilliant idea to enjoy the beach. Iba talaga ang Boracay! We love the he powdery sand and turquoise water – the paradise I’ve been dreaming of that’s why I keep on coming back.

Brunch @ Azure Beach Club

After swimming, we went back to our suite and prepared for our brunch at the Azure Beach Club. Actually, aside from the room tour, one of my favorite things to do is the documentation of our breakfast experience, especially the buffet breakfast. This pandemic brought a change in the set up from buffet style to ala carte. I would say I was a bit disappointed, but I do understand.

Unlike Microtel Boracay’s ala carte, I like the breakfast they offer in Azure Beach Club. Yep, it’s ala carte but you can order as many as you want (as long as you can eat all of the foods you have ordered).

I love the spot we got for our brunch– we got a very relaxing view while eating.

Everything was perfect except the beef tapa (not for the taste, but because it did not arrive in time). We waited a little over an hour. Actually, Shane and I were done eating by the time Hubby’s order was finally served. A group of people beside us arrived when Hubby was waiting and he was still waiting when they finished eating. So he was really starving then.

As much as he wanted to get mad, the server (I wasn’t able to get her name) apologized.    She explained that their kitchen was very busy and that they were loaded with orders. She advised us to call and order via phone so they can prepare the food ahead of time.

Afternoon Activities

After the brunch, we just rested and explored around.

Gym Time

We booked an appointment at 3pm- thanks to the very efficient Ms. Shan, who reminded me about it. Ms. Mariel (the receptionist) welcomed us and of course we followed the safety protocol/routine–temperature check and contact tracing form. They provided bottled water, sanitizer and towels for us to use.

After a few minutes at the gym, we headed to our room and get ready for the afternoon swim.

Afternoon swim

Hubby took advantage of the free use of the kayak. We knew we had to get ready for the next day because will transfer to Discovery Shores for our last overnight stay in Boracay.

My hubby enjoyed the kayak

After enjoying the beach, we just stayed in the room, Shane and I dipped into the hot tub and I got ready for our Zoom meeting. That’s a good thing, I didn’t have a problem with the Internet connection, so I can still do the necessary things at work. We planned to claim our welcome refreshments at the Azure Beach Club and have dinner there, but I changed my mind. I just ordered and have it delivered in our suite.

It was a day well spent and it was a fantastic experience. We wanted to extend our stay but… There’s always a next time. Probably, we can stay longer in our next vacation. My review of Crimson Boracay will be posted soon.. Thank you for your time in reading this 🙂

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