A Platinum Upgrade

To start the year right, I want to carefully plan everything including my finances. In my New Years Resolutions post, I have mentioned about this. In fact, I am in the process of designing a budget plan for 2021. I considered downgrading—for things that seem less important and even discarded some of those not essential to my personal and business needs. I’ve realized I deserve a platinum upgrade. In this post, I am sharing my experience as a new Globe Platinum Plan subscriber.

Why did I shift to Globe Platinum?

I know it doesn’t sound that good, especially those who are on a tight budget, but yes, I have upgraded my Globe phone line from The Plan to Globe Platinum Plan. It’s not just for personal needs, but I have to consider the business side as well. My current plan is P1999 plus Netflix so I pay P2368.00/month, so in order for me to settle the P3799 fee, I have to add P1.439. For me to do that, I have to downgrade some services so it will be the same even if I have upgraded.

Here are the benefits of the Platinum Plan and my thoughts about it.

1. Unlimited calls to all networks and landline numbers within NCR

This is very useful to me because I will have the convenience to call and text people without worrying about additional charges. Before my transactions were limited to text and calling Globe network. I use the landline when I am at home, but now, I have a landline number on my phone too!

2. Unlimited data surfing (60 GB monthly allowance)

I don’t have to worry about Internet access everywhere I go because of this advantage, but so far, the connection is not that fast. Sometimes I have a poor signal. (How come, eh di ba Platinum Plan nga?) My Platinum plan was activated the other day and I continue to observe and explore it all.

3. Globe Priority Network and a Digital Assistant

I love being given priority, so I thought it would be something nice for me. I also thought that Globe Platinum has its own hotline which I can call 24/7 as mentioned on the website, but that’s not. When I phoned, it was a regular line for all Globe subscribers. I tried to reach Thea by messenger, but I don’t think she recognizes mine as a Platinum Globe number. The person who helped me process my upgrade told me that one of the reasons is likely that my number is not yet reflected in the system. I keep on trying but I still have no access to Thea as of this writing.

4. A New Device

My post-paid plan will end on April 13, 2021 and I thought of switching to iPhone 12, but I changed my mind. With my age, I need a bigger screen because I can’t read small letters and it’s more convenient for me, especially in watching Netflix, so I decided to shift to iPad Pro (Wifi + Cellular/128 GB storage).  I have upgraded my plan, but I will be able to get my new device on April. I’ll share an unboxing video as soon as I have it.

There are more perks, but I just listed a few because those are what I need as of the moment. For now, I can’t give my recommendations yet because I have not made the most out of the service yet. Give me a month or more then I can tell you if it’s worth keeping a Globe Platinum line.


UPDATE: I can now use Thea of Globe Platinum (via messenger), especially when the regular Globe hotline is useless, there is a live agent who chats with me even late at night (though lately, it doesn’t respond in real time). Just this November 2021, we couldn’t access our WIFI and until now (it’s Dec 21, 2021) and we still have NO internet access 😭😭😭. They sent two technicians, and the other one reported that he has successfully resolved by no browsing issue, but the truth is, that technician did not actually visit our place to repair our connection. So the only choice for me is to terminate our Globe At Home Broadband.

I also got another Platinum line (plan P3799) to get an Iphone 12 pro max) . I let my hubby use the postpaid plan and I’m using the phone 📱😃 – it’s because I can’t make calls or text using the ipad, right?

Is it worth it?

Well, just for the device I must say yes, because if not for the Platinum plan, i won’t be able to have spot cash for my devices.

Regarding the concierge services, I only get to use Thea to speak with a human agent (either by phone or chat). Now that I asked to terminate my useless Globe At Home Broadband, let’s see if it will still be useful to me.


If you will decide to avail the Platinum plan, don’t get a relationship manager. I got one on my first platinum account, but it’s useless because she often ignores or seldom responds to my messages. Better to contact Thea directly because based on my personal experience, my RM always asks me to chat with Thea instead when asking her about my platinum plan, so your P200 per month is just a waste of money.

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