When darkness strikes into my sight

I come to weep and dream of light

As lightning roars into flashes

My human body melts into ashes

Many times I’ve asked you.

“What has life for me to do?”

I ran into the tunnel of death

With monstrous creatures behind

I saw the beasts devouring me

I was swimming in my own blood!

Then my soul had to depart

And there stopped the beating of my heart

The nightmares of my past kept haunting me

In this chamber my soul dwells

I am cursed to suffer forever

Just when I was losing my sanity

I saw a luminous flash of light

And angels dancing with flowers of gold

You stroked my hair like a mother caressing her child

I felt a twinge of guilt and tears flooded my eyes

You whispered, “I created the earth for you to explore.

I even had my begotten son die to save mankind

Why do you doubt of my love and ask for more?”

Words echoed in my ears and lulled me into a deep sleep

I have awakened and embraced reality

Colorful shadows continuously play with me

You have dried my tears

You have dragged me from chaos

My nightmare was finally over

I bade farewell to my horrible vacation in Tartarus


I wrote this 12 years ago and realized while reading the poem that I had experienced a lot of pain and challenges.    In the end, however, it was still the guidance of the Lord that helped me get to the right destination.

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