Crimson Boracay: A New-Found Paradise at Station Zero (My Boracay 2020 Diaries Day 3)

Hello, as promised, I will be sharing part 3 of my Boracay 2020 Holiday diary.  It took me a while because I followed my schedule and I posted my article on my New Year’s resolutions and my 2021 diet plan, so here you go!


Coffee time!

It was our final day at Microtel Boracay so we got up early and had our coffee in the lounge. If there’s one thing I’ll be missing about Microtel, it’s their unlimited coffee. We needed to get energized to make the most of the remaining hours. So, we didn’t waste the time, we went to swim and enjoyed the beach.   It’s not that we wanted to go, but we were excited because it will be our first time in Crimson Boracay!

Breakfast at Mama’s Fish House

This was our second and last breakfast at Mama’s Fish House. There was no choice because there was no buffet breakfast, but no problem because I love their pancakes and eggs. We really enjoyed the meal.

Morning Walk

There was no gym at Microtel so we just burned calories by walking and enjoying the beautiful view at the same time.

Diniwid Beach
Diniwid Beach


After the quick morning walk, we packed our things and get ready. We had our lunch at Mama’s Fish House.

Then we had our last pose and glance at the pool and beach and said “goodbye” to Microtel Boracay.

Last look at the view from our veranda
OOTD: Metallic Crop Tee Top by Something Borrowed


After lunch, we checked out and we waited in the lounge. A staff member informed us that the Crimson Boracay representative had already arrived to pick us up. The driver introduced himself and assisted us with our luggage. Before we enter the van, we stepped in the sanitizing foot mat, gave us sanitizing gel.

Crimson Boracay

Crimson Boracay is located in a secluded area in Brgy. Yapak (known as Station Zero). I booked for a 3d/2n stay because I was quite curious and I would like to try and experience if I would enjoy with my family. Our booking comes with a free round-trip transfer, but the thing is, we will be coming from Microtel Boracay, so we didn’t need an airport transfer anymore. They have charged me P500 for the hotel pick-up even if it was just a hotel to hotel transfers. (I will include more details in my hotel review).

Check-in at Crimson Boracay

Check-in was a breeze. Thanks to Shien, she was very professional and courteous. Everything I needed to know was forwarded to me through Viber. Our suite, with access to the pool was located within the Cobalt building. Of course, we were excited to see our room and have the room tour.

Quick Room Tour

I will post the more photos of our suite in my hotel review.


After unpacking some of our things and some rest time, we decided to make the tour and check out the private beach and other amenities.

We have to familiarize ourselves with the facilities such as the gym and restaurant where we can eat for breakfast and other meals. We had our afternoon swim in the pool close to our building so we could easily enter the room.  

The Afternoon Swim

  We just chilled out and appreciated the beauty of the place.

For dinner, we have ordered pizza by calling the Azure Beach Club.

We rested early to be able to go to D’Mall the next day. We wanted to buy groceries, which means we have to get ready before or after breakfast. This was our plan. Read my next part of my 2020 Boracay diary, Day 4 coming up.


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