My Diet Plan & Resolutions for 2021

Part of my New Year’s resolution is to have a healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise and having a diet plan. To be honest, I don’t intend to have the perfect body. I just want to flatten my tummy to look better if I wear swimsuits on my next summer vacation. The first step I made is to set up a fitness area at home so I could exercise regularly. It won’t be possible if I won’t make an effort to plan my diet. In line with the Diet Resolution Week, which is observed in the first week of January, I am sharing about my diet plan and resolutions for 2021. I created my diet plan not only to be on diet for a week, but use this week rather to plan for the whole year.


I don’t have a detailed meal plan yet because it would take a lot of time and would depend on the food/ingredients available at home. I am considering if I can feature a few healthy meals that I’m going to prepare myself because I want to learn how to cook. Probably I can post it here on my blog at least one or two times a month to start and probably more often if time permits. Now, let us set a plan first how I can achieve my goals to have a healthy body.

1. Less sweets

Well, I don’t want to deprive myself of happiness, but I think it’s okay to have sweets once per week. I would switch to dark chocolate too, if that’s available in the grocery. Ice cream can be replaced with yogurt.

2. Cut on rice

Although I have been consistent about having a cup of rice per meal since 2003, I still want to reduce rice consumption to 2 cups a day. That would mean I have to skip having rice in one of the meals. Instead, I can have hard boiled egg or bread instead.

3. Include vegetables in my menu

I am not a vegetarian but I know the importance of green leafy vegetables in our body so I need to include veggies (pechay or snow cabbage, ampalaya or bitter gourd and others) in our menu at least thrice per week.

4. Eat fruits more often

This time I have to consider eating fruits. I think bananas and oranges will be fine.

5. Reduce coffee consumption and increase water intake

I have my own water dispenser in our room/workspace so I have easy access to water and coffee. I am working to reduce my normal coffee intake from 7 cups to a maximum of 3-4 cups a day. I plan to replace my instant coffee, but I’m still trying to determine if the ground coffee is better or have a Nespresso machine. Before going to sleep at night, I might consider having milk for adults too.

We do not need to starve and let us never forget that eating is also a pleasure.    I’m going to share some delicious, healthy foods that I discovered to be included in my weekly menu. Hopefully I can have Healthy Eating as another category here. I hope I have helped you somehow in deciding if you will prepare your diet plan too.

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