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The pandemic has changed the lives of students not only in the Philippines but across the globe. Since face-to-face teaching is not yet allowed, most students are bored, especially during the quarantine period.   There was no choice for us to embrace the new normal. This was the perfect time when Tutors’ Lounge group classes in the Philippines through Zoom. They introduced the PGC (Playgroup Class) for 2-4 years old and 4-6 years old. Reading & Math group classes from primary level to intermediate level and Math group class  from primary level to Junior High school.

Playgroup Class (PGC)

In the Playgroup or PGC class, they have routines like singing, storytelling, answering worksheets and doing crafts/art activities. Children enrolled in the class learn and enjoy at the same time.

Tutors’ Lounge offers different topics for their online group classes every month. You can check their schedule here. Best of all, group lessons are very affordable. For 20 sessions (Monday to Friday) of one hour per session, children can sign up for the class and pay only P1,500 for the whole month..

Reading & Math or RMGC

Parents register their kids at Tutors’ Lounge’s RMGC or Reading & Math group class if they think they would like the kids to focus more on academics. Similar to PGC, they also have 20 sessions per month and the same rate. The only difference is that the session allotted 30 minutes each for Reading & Mathematics.

Ms. Tricia’s RMGC

Aside from PGC and RMGC, they also have FBGC (Filipino & AP Group Class for Beginners). You may register directly here For inquiries about their one-on-one academic online tutorials and homeschool group class (Nursery to Junior High School), you may call (02) 7 902 0948 or email tutorsloungeph@gmail.com. You can also visit their Facebook Page for daily updates.

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