My New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

The year 2020 was difficult for us and I am proud to say that I survived these challenges and trials. This alone is already an achievement because many businesses closed and many people did not have jobs. Publishing articles like this is very useful because you will be able to assess yourself and plan for a better you. I have posted about my year in review and set my goals as well for 2021 here. Now, I will not let this year go by without sharing my New Year’s resolutions. We are all busy preparing for the holiday season and we all need a guide to help us out. I have categorized my New Year’s resolutions into three (being a mom, businesswoman, and blogger/influencer). I hope this will also help you with your 2021 planning.


In the past few years, I have been guilty of neglecting my family and my children. My stress on the job also affected my health and led to bleeding. I had to take an important decision last year to resign and focus on my business. Now that I’m working at home, I have time to connect with them too.

1. To be physically fit and healthy

My regular routine was sleeping, eating, working, and that was it. It used to be when I didn’t care about myself yet, but it’s completely different now. I know my children need me, so I need to be fit and healthy to become more productive. My family relies on me because I help pay the bills and manage almost every expense. I better be in good health because if I’m not, they’re going to suffer and I don’t want that to happen.

A. Daily workout ad getting enough sleep

As I already work from home, it is convenient for me so I must think of something that would help me with my schedule. I set up a fitness space in our living room so I could have my daily workouts. I just need to be consistent and be more motivated in doing this. I also plan to get at least 6 hours of sleep every day plus a nap if there is time to get one.

B. Diet Plan

I am a very picky eater– I only have chicken, eggs, and a few veggies on my list so it’s kinda boring to have the same meals every day Next week, I will publish an article on my diet plan in line with Diet Resolution Week. Even if I don’t have a balanced diet, the least I can plan healthier meals and insert at least one or two per week . I also need to increase water consumption and decrease coffee intake. I must also continue to take vitamins such as ascorbic acid and ferrous sulfate.

2. Be stress-free

I know it would be impossible to be “stress-free” but that’s what I really wanted. Probably I can de-stress by having a massage or foot spa at least once per month.

3. Spend quality time with my family

We last had a family trip back in 2019. Due to strict travel requirements and security protocols, only me, Hubby and Shane made it to Boracay last month. Hopefully we can travel again as a family this year, even for just an overnight stay  in one of the hotels in Metro Manila. I made a commitment to Bruce that he would be able to swim for his birthday in 2021.

4. Manage my finances by creating a budget plan

I have already improved my credit score and to maintain my good reputation, I have to pay my bills on time. To do so, we must prepare a budget plan. This is a great help if you have this so you can keep track of your due dates so you cannot miss your payment schedule to avoid penalties. Of course, that would be a plus if I could save some money for emergencies.

5. Buy something for the home once a month

I have been doing this since August and I intend to keep buying things for our house at least once a month. It may be an extra appliance or home decor.


1. Discover more strategies/techniques in marketing and driving more customers

As a marketing manager, I have to make every effort to survive in this industry. Although the content schedule was useless last year, it is worth trying in 2021. I think I have to develop effective marketing strategies to achieve this.

2. Be organized.

I will need a planner to do this to be able to plan my tasks.    As a matter of fact, I’m already working on my content calendar and my ideas for the entire year.    I also posted my schedule on the wall so I could manage my activities as a mother, businesswoman and blogger.


1. To be active in social media as a blogger/influencer

I have included blog articles in my tasks and it will be scheduled accordingly as soon as I have selected what content to include. I will post photos of my daily activities on my FB page and Instagram.

2. To be able to get sponsors or more collaborations.

Whether we admit it or not, I need to have sponsors for my blog. I am already planning how to get some of my social media content in 2021.

Well, it’s only a plan, and no matter how much we plan, it’s useless unless we take action. Hurray for a fresh start! Let us all welcome this year with hope and willingness to become a better version of ourselves.

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