3 Days in Diniwid: A Review of Microtel Boracay

In my blog post about our Boracay 2020 preparation, I already mentioned that I booked Microtel Boracay because Fairways & Bluewater canceled our booking. I will share my family trip experience at Diniwid Beach and will give you my comprehensive review of Microtel Boracay as well. I hope this will guide you if you decide to travel to Boracay and choose the hotel you want to book.


The view from the beach
The view from our veranda


Microtel Boracay is situated along Diniwid Beach, away from the bustling White Beach, where stations 1-3 are. I didn’t mind the location.  There are regular shuttles which take guests to D’mall and bring them back to the hotel.


As soon as we set foot on the property, we requested the timetable of the shuttle service. As explained in my Boracay day 2 blog post, we intended to go to D’Mall that afternoon to purchase supplies for our 3d/2n stay. To our dismay, they didn’t have any because of the changes due to the pandemic. You can rent an e-trike for P100 more for a single way or you can take a long walk. So we had to alter our plan- we decided to take a stroll and explore the next day from Diniwid Beach to D’ Mall.



I was expecting a small hotel with a standard room just enough for us to stay for 3 days and 2 nights. Of course, what do you expect from a 3-star hotel with the rate of P5, 000 per night?


Our arrival at Microtel Boracay

When we have arrived, I looked for the façade, and it wasn’t captivating as expected. We were welcomed by one of the employees (I believe he is the general manager if I am not mistaken) and asked for our QR codes and ID. After the mandatory foot bath and temperature check, we were escorted inside. They have a small cashier booth where I have settled the payment for our 3d/2n stay. A staff ushered us to wait in the lounge while they prepped our room.

While waiting in the lounge

To my surprise, it wasn’t the same inside. Microtel Boracay has a spacious lounge where guests can relax while having a cup of coffee or enjoying the magnificent views of the beach. Of course, as mentioned in my Microtel Baguio Review before, what I love about them is their unlimited coffee! We checked the swimming pool and the beach and it wasn’t as bad as I had expected.


Microtel Boracay has 51 rooms. I have reserved a 2-Queen Beds Beach View Room because I wanted a room with veranda so we could look at the pool and breathtaking views of the beach.

I really liked the veranda, actually, the room surpassed my expectations. Well, I didn’t realize I actually had that quick tour of the room and even posted to Instagram. It was clean and sanitized. The beds are soft and comfortable and the air conditioning was functioning.

our first gaze at the Boracay sunset

The bathroom has no bathtub and there were basic toiletries, but I was not disappointed. Both shampoo and conditioner were above average. There were enough white towels and you can also borrow beach towels if you wish to swim in the pool or beach.

They provided sanitary kits for their guests which consist of a face mask, a disinfectant gel and a small pack of facial tissue.

The room is just enough for 3 adults- there is a refrigerator and LED TV. There is no electric kettle, but it’s fine because there is unlimited coffee near the lobby. We didn’t buy bottled water as well because they also have water dispenser.


1.Polite staff

Every time we meet a hotel staff, they greet us politely.

2. Unlimited Coffee and water

The coffee station

3. Comfy beds and air conditioning

We loved the chiropractor-approved beds and the air conditioning. We were relaxed and very at ease in our sleep.

4. Spacious veranda overlooking the pool and beach

If you just like to stay in the room, you can stay on the veranda and gaze at the beach.

5. Lounge where guests can hang out

The lounge was very helpful to us. That’s where we stayed during the coffee breaks.


1. Weak wifi connection/signal

Most of the guests prefer accommodation with a fast internet connection. I intended to work while having our vacation, but I wasn’t able to do so because the connection was weak and even if I use my internet data, there was no signal. They need to do something about it as the guests need it to connect to their social media accounts.

2. No shuttle service during our stay

The resort is located in Diniwid Beach and I would say guests would be upset if they stayed there unless they preferred to stay in the room. A shuttle bus service is a great help for them if they want to go to the mall and return to the property. If I had known there was no shuttle service, I would consider making a reservation at another hotel.

3. Amenities

It’s understandable that there are only limited activities in the resort because there is no gym, only one small pool and restaurant. They can set up a small fitness center where guests can work out or think about putting up a spa. The pool is fine for me, but they should clean it on a regular basis. We never got the chance to swim in their pool because we went to D’Mall on our second day and when we got back, there were customers at Mama’s Fish House (It is located near the pool). As for the restaurant (Mama’s Fish House), they should offer a variety of food and the meals should be affordable as well.


I gave them an overall score of 3.5 out of 5 (GOOD). We also have to take into account the present situation. The location is all right with me if there is a shuttle service. If they did, it would be 4 to 4.5. I believe if it’s not a pandemic, the restaurant could serve the breakfast buffet. For the price of P5, 000 a night, it is reasonable. This is ideal for travelers who are very short on budget. Make sure first if their shuttle service is back so you can have the option to dine in other restaurants.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island,
Malay 5608, Philippines

Email: boracay@microtel.ph


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