My Boracay 2020 Day 2 Holiday Diary

As I promised in my previous article, I will share my activities for Holiday Day 2 2020 in Boracay. To make the story short, we decided to relax and put our energy aside for the second day. First thing in the morning, Hubby and I went into the lounge for coffee. As I said, one thing I love about Microtel Boracay is their unlimited coffee.


Coffee Time!

Our daily routine kicks off with a cup of coffee! This is the ideal time to recharge for a morning swim on the beach.

We wanted to make our day productive, so we decided to take our morning dip, breakfast and morning walk (from Diniwid Beach to D’ Mall).    Yes, you read that right! We explored and enjoyed walking at the same time, although I must say it was really exhausting. At least we burned off calories, hahaha!

Morning Swim

We never got a chance to swim when we came in the afternoon, so on our second day in Boracay, we planned to enjoy the beach that morning. The pool was tempting, but we decided to take a dip at the beach.

The fabulous view of the beach from Microtel Boracay
The fabulous view of the beach

It was really nice to swim on the beach after a year, so it was really a great experience for us. We had the beach just for us that morning, so we enjoyed the privacy. After the morning dip, we took a shower and got ready for breakfast. We wanted to try the pool, but unfortunately it will be available for swimming at 9 am. We decided to go ahead as planned.


This pandemic has brought about many changes not only in travel requirements, but also in safety protocols. The traditional buffet breakfast has been converted into a la carte breakfast. I always look forward to a hearty breakfast whenever we arrive at our hotel. Having an à la carte breakfast means that we have a limited selection of food. This is one of the downsides, but they have a generous serving of meals. Shane and I opted for pancakes with chicken sausages, scrambled eggs and a glass of pineapple juice. Overall, we have enjoyed the food.

Breakfast @ Mama’s Fish House

We had planned to walk from Diniwid Beach to D’Mall so I need to wear a comfy outfit for Boracay Day 2. I knew it would be much of a hassle if I will wear girly outfit like dress/maxi so I settled for a lace blouse and skort instead.

Black See-Through Lace Crop Top from Lazada and Light Blue Smocked Ruffle Skort by Tula Cruz ordered via Zalora


For our second day in Boracay, we decided to explore Diniwid Beach and the White Beach by walking! Walk, walk, and pose!

While walking along the White Beach, we have noticed some of the closed establishments. It’s not the usual BORACAY that we have seen before. Well, at least we had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the island in spite of the situation.

The Willy’s Rock

Because of the travel requirements and expensive RT-PCR tests, there are a limited number of tourists who go to Boracay. It’s quite understandable for businesses to close as of this moment. It will take a while for Boracay to get its normal number of tourists back. Even if hotels and hostels offer enormous discounts, people become wiser. They would rather let this opportunity go because health matters more. It is a challenge for hotel owners and other establishments to survive.  If it is easier for tourists to achieve the travel requirements, there may be more tourists on the island.

While walking in D’Mall, we saw Lemon Cafe, you can check their best-seller here. I had my vlog launch there after my renewal of vows in 2019.


We were already starving after the morning walk, so we have decided to just order food for take out. As usual, we ordered food for takeout at Andoks. For less than P1,000 we bought food for lunch and dinner already for 3 people. We also bought groceries (chips, cookies, noodles and sweets) so if we get hungry, we have something to nibble on.

Because we were exhausted from walking, we decided to take a D’Mall e-trike to Microtel Boracay for P120. After lunch, we rested and enjoyed a cup of coffee in the lounge.

At the lounge of Microtel Boracay


After the quick afternoon walk by the beach, we had our dinner in our room, packed and organized our things.    A staff member from Crimson Boracay is coming to pick us up at 1:00 in the afternoon the next day. We simply decided to spend the whole morning at Microtel and swim for the last time on the beach before taking our breakfast.

I can say it was a tiring day, but I suppose it’s normal, even if we feel like we’ve wasted our time. How would we know if we didn’t give it a shot? That’s why I will review the hotel so you can get a guide the next time you decide to choose where to stay in Boracay.
Thank you so much in taking the time to read this article.  Watch out for the third part of our Boracay trip and my review of Microtel Boracay.


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