My Holiday 2020 Preparations

I have recently shared my weekend blog update in my FB page. Yes, it’s less than one week before Christmas and I need to post it on this website. Let me share with you about these preparations:

1. Hitting my goals for 2020

Frankly, I do not know whether I will be able to achieve those objectives, but it is worth trying. I know 2020 has been tough on everyone and I just wanted to have some accomplishments by the end of the year. It may not be as perfect as I wanted it to be, but I want my 2021 to be better so I have the motivation to finish these goals.

A. Finish my blog articles about our Boracay trip last month

I want to be active in blogging so I’ve created my weekly plan to guide myself through my hectic schedule. Since I came back from our holiday in Boracay, I never had time to write blog articles. That is quite strange because I have all the time for myself now, how could it be possible? Ha-ha! I am now in the process of uploading and organizing the photos and videos. Blog posts about our 6-day holiday in Boracay, including the hotel review and room tour will be posted here by the end of this year.

B. Set up my home fitness area

One of my goals is to maintain a healthy and fit body. It’s a brilliant idea to set up my own fitness area at home instead of paying a monthly membership in a fitness club. First, you can use the space whenever you want and of course, you can save money on your monthly expenses.  I’ve been so busy at work, even though I work from home, that’s why I didn’t have time to clean up. I got my home treadmill via 2-year installment from Lazada using my BDO credit card. I also bought fitness accessories like skipping rope, a pair of dumbbells and hula hoop for me to use. I just picked a spot in my living room to set it up. One of these days, I’m going to give this space a complete makeover.

C. Renovate my work area

I chose to have my work area in our bedroom because it’s more comfortable. I have the bed, the wardrobe, the TV and the coffee station in my room. I just laid out a table, a chair, a message board, a landline, a laptop and there you go! My small space near the window was converted in an instant office. In order to upgrade, I plan to replace my old aircon with a new one. The size of the room is only 4x4m so it does not need to be expensive. Probably, the carpet or tiles, the Nespresso machine. additional closet, vanity area smart TV will be in the next upgrade in 2021.

D. Set up my laundry area

My laundry space is in the dining area of our home so it’s not quite convenient for me. I have to get downstairs to use the washing machine. My Whirlpool washing machine broke down last week, so we bought a new one. I plan to place the new washing machine in the space provided on our balcony where I hang the clean garments after washing them.

E. General cleaning and last round of decorating for Christmas

We’re always busy even if it’s already Christmas break. I have to save a bit of time a day to de-clutter and decorate if possible before Christmas.


A. Wish List

This is intended for 2021 since I know it will be impossible to have these unless there will be sponsors. I am going to share my wish list with you anyway.

  1. A new MAC laptop
  2. A new cell phone
  3. Nespresso machine or everything in my 2021 office upgrade list

B. Christmas Gifts

We already bought Christmas presents via 6 month installment Buy Now Pay Later, at SM City Masinag using my BDO Credit Card. The gifts we bought are not expensive, but something that they can use. I even bought small gifts for myself 🙂 For stocking fillers, I filled the Christmas stockings with something useful. We will have the short videos of the unboxing/opening of gifts on my page or attach it here after Christmas.


I prepared our Christmas eve outfits. For the men except for Bruce, we bought red polo shirts from Beverly Hills Polo Club at SM City Masinag that they can match with their favorite jeans. For me and Shane, we will have holiday twinning– I shopped the following online from Zalora: Red striped shirt from Redgirl with matching paperbag red shorts from Penshoppe.

For New Year, I ordered a silky satin Batwing top from Lazada and we will have silver gray bottoms to match with it.

The photos will be posted soon 🙂


We are only six in the family and we don’t have much in the list but the following:

a. Penne in tomato sauce

b. chicken macaroni salad

c. Shanghai rolls

d. Mango and Chocolate Graham dessert

e. Bread, ham and Quezo de Bola

We’ll see whether we can add more, because we’re not eating that much.

An update will be added to this post. You can see whether the results of my preparation are successful or not. If not, we can always improve next year! The next post will be about the Boracay vacation and goals for 2021.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone. May you also achieve your aims and desires. Keep in mind that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. This season, may we have forgiveness in our hearts, love one another and learn how to share.


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