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I didn’t know this time will finally come– I was expecting that our flights will be rescheduled again because of the pandemic. I was about to reschedule the flight myself but there seem to be a lot of charges, so I patiently waited– until it was announced that Boracay will be opened in October 1. (clap clap!) Oh well, before you and I rejoice, let us find out what preparations do we need before flying to my favorite summer destination.


Let us start with the good things first before we dig in to the details on the preparations.

  1. LESS CROWD- Because of the strict implementation of the government about the travel documents and requirements, of course, there will be fewer people in the island. We will be able to explore Boracay without the usual crowd it used to have.
  2. CHEAPER HOTEL RATES– Though, some hotels offered discounts up to 50%, others just used it to get your attention– in other words, they just fooled the people. Advertisements are deceiving, that’s why you need to be extra careful in selecting your hotel. One of the hotels I have chosen is Fairways & Bluewater (They actually have 50% off the usual rates). We will stay in their one-bedroom suite (where we stayed before Boracay was closed years ago.) For 3d/2n we were able to get the room for P12k plus. Before, I paid P23k more or less for 3d/2n– so we got a good deal this time! I am still looking for other hotels as of this writing because my press trip was cancelled last April and still waiting for my sponsors to revise my hotel vouchers. While waiting, I temporarily booked 3d/2n stay with Crimson Boracay for a suite for 3 pax. It can be cancelled before November 26 or 27 though if I change my mind. The suite is around P32k for 3d/2n which is not bad for a five-star hotel so I got another good deal here if ever.
  3. BEST TIME TO RELAX and DESTRESS – It is even more stressful this time from WFH set-up and going to public places. Staying at home is safe, I must agree, but I am just human (sorry naman!) I also need the time to destress and unwind. After all, I already have booked our flights. If not, honestly, I won’t go this November and rather stay at home. Since everything is almost complete (flights, transfers, accommodation), I decided to push through with this and make this “Summer In November” possible.
  4. PRESS TRIP- It’s also a great time to get fresh content for my social media accounts (blog, Facebook and Instagram) since I was inactive for a while. It’s time also to post content in my YouTube channel (which is inactive for quite some time) and I just feel like posting again though I have only a few subscribers in YT. What matters is that I will be able to share useful and informative content to my audience. I will be featuring about “the new normal” in Boracay, where to stay and where to eat in my 5d/4n stay in the island.


I mentioned I almost have everything, but since it’s the “new normal”, we have to follow the ravel guidelines strictly. So what else do we need to prepare?

  1. RT-PCR negative result – This is the hardest part for me, finding an inexpensive RT-PCR test provider. Oh well, it ranges from P5,500-13,000 (kaloka!) In order for me to get the result within 24-48 hours, I have to spend P7,000. We will still look for other options because we will be spending P21k just for this test which is even more expensive than our RT flights and hotel accommodations.

GOOD SIDE: For health and safety purposes, I support this testing for travelers like me. You won’t be scared to go out because you know it’s safe. Only Covid-free travelers can enter the island.

NEGATIVE SIDE: Because it’s quite expensive, only a few people can afford this test. They would rather spend their time at home than taking advantage of the cheap flights and hotel accommodations.

2. HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS FOR 3d/2n– We will stay in the island for 5 days. I booked 3d/2n @ Fairways & Bluewater but I’m not yet sure of the remaining days. I am still confirming the status of my booking with my previous sponsors for my press trip. I will update if you if I can feature them in my upcoming trip.

3. FASHION FOR THE NEW NORMAL- It’s gonna be totally different, so we need to prepare face masks, face shields, etc. It’s quite a challenge how to look good and be fashionable in the “new normal”. So since we still have more than one month to prepare, I can still sort the outfits, accessories and decide which items to bring and buy for the trip. (I will post my usual Boracay Checklist a week before we trave).

4. STRICT PROCESS OF GETTING IN– After you have all the requirements like negative RT-PCR test result, hotel voucher, plane tickets, it doesn’t end there! What is you have a negative result but you have the symptoms, you will take another swab test and worse, you can be admitted to the hospital. In case you passed through the airport, temperature check is still needed wherever you go, haha!

I am excited and worried at the same time– I don’t know what’s in store for us in our 5-day vacay in November. Just hopin’ for the best and as always, I’ll keep you guys posted. In my trip, you will see my social media accounts flooded with photos and updates.

  1. HOTEL-

I called Fairways & Bluewater but they told me that they are still not operating this moment because they are still waiting for some approval. If ever they won’t be able to accommodate us, they will notify me before my arrival so I can do a rush booking somewhere else. Of course, as usual, the payment won’t be refunded, but it can be rebooked.

Good news for me because I was informed that Crimson Boracay will open this month so I got a sure booking now 🙂 My only concern is that I would like to modify my booking because I don’t know what’s going to happen. Who knows, at the last minute, I will be able to get a confirmation about my sponsors, then I could still cancel it. There was no choice but to book through a third-party site because the booking can be cancelled 2 days before my arrival. The property requires at least 50% downpayment if I will book directly in their website. I’m having second thoughts though I would really love to experience how it’s like in Station Zero. I would love to check the suite as well ( though I prefer the one with plunge pool). Anyway, I still have more than a month to go and probably weeks before my press trip, I already have my final list of accommodations.


I got one in my list and if ever we will book for their home service RT-PCR test, I will document while they are doing the procedure. It costs P6,500 per head but their medical team will be going to our home for the test and we can get the result in 24-48 hours.


I am starting to shop for additional stuff (outfits, luggage set, accessoroes, etc.) for our vacay/press trip.

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