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After experiencing the quarantine, it took me an eternity to figure out what’s in store for us. Of course, a lot has changed and we have to do a lot of adjustments. Though I can say that I have planned for what’s going to happen, but even if we did, the decision is still NOT in our hands. These are the few things I have pondered after a few months of getting lost.

You have to go with the flow

ONLINE Business

I know some of you hate taking chances or risks, but if there’s one thing that I have learned– it’s a matter of trying. Take my business for instance, before I didn’t have to advertise online just to get customers. I used to get a lot of inquiries for the previous years via phone, email and website. Sometimes, I reject or decline clients. What I needed before was manpower, so every week, I screen tutor applicants. Now, it’s the other way around, I have a lot of applicants but I need to work really hard to drive customers. Since Face to Face interaction is now discouraged, I now discovered and made the right decision to shift my business to online.

Though it wasn’t as huge as what I was earning last year for my biz, I can say that I am still earning more than double of my salary as a public school teacher. It just took me months to figure out how to market my business.

Whether I like it or not, I have to wear mask and face shield… That’s why I didn’t have to invest too much in buying makeup. I still have a few lipsticks and eyeshadows, but I rarely use them (only if I join Zoom meetings). Wearing them outside will be useless at all because they will be covered. I also stopped in purchasing clothes since I seldom go out. I invest now in buying skin care products like moisturizer and night skin repair.


During the pandemic, I also learned how to downgrade and I am happy that I have saved and allotted the money to other things. Every month, I have to think of paying my bills and dropping the office in Marco Polo helped me big time. We also have to consider what we need; otherwise, you need to get it off the list or at least downgrade. I spend the money that I have saved in purchasing stuff for our home (for the homeschool area and office space in our bedroom). It will be completed hopefully this December.

Me Time Matters

I try to balance my time for the kids (they are homeschooling) and working at the same time. It was not as stressful as before and I have the time now to do whatever I want. In other words, because I manage my own business, I am the BOSS and I don’t have to worry about my schedule as long as I can perform my tasks– to drive customers and earn money. The thing is, even if I am busy, I should give myself a break that I deserve. Just in time, on Wednesday, it was announced that Boracay will be opened to tourists in the Philippines. Yey! I can finally have the vacay I was dreaming of! See you in November, Boracay!

Now, these are just a few of my realizations. If you have yours, try to make a solution or adjustments if this “new normal” is a struggle for you. We can make things work as long as we are patient enough, flexible, and of course you are welcome to “change.”

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