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It’s almost two months since the government has ordered the enhanced community quarantine. At first, I began to lose hope and I thought that I have already lost my customers. As days go by, I have thought of ways to bounce back after being stuck at home. I know about the present situation, but I need to think of a way to get back to business. We need to make some adjustments because we already expected the opening of classes to be in August.

Because we are still under ECQ in our area, I thought of having the screening, tutor orientation, and simulation online. I will just go to the office for the signing of contracts and picture taking. I signed up with Zoom pro, so we can have the orientation with no interruptions.

Tutor Orientation via Zoom

For online tutorials, I asked the tutors to use LearnCube . They can use the free plan where they can have unlimited one-on-one tutorials. It also has a whiteboard and screen sharing feature where the tutor can upload files.

Now, I have scheduled daily activities in my planner for both The Blogger Princess and Tutor’s Lounge. I created checklists so I can be productive. It’s time to say good-bye to our lazy days!

My only worry is if our money would be enough until the opening of classes. I have a lot of things to consider like the monthly bills (electricity, water, phone bills, car loan, etc.). Now, I will be practical since we have now what we call the “new normal.” I have to think of ways on how we can save. Since we have to ensure the safety of everyone, it means there will be less physical contact. I am thinking of transferring to a less inexpensive office since it will be more of 95% work from home activities. Working at home actually will be fine I create content and ads for our website and other social media channels, screen applicants online and manage my email at home. The office is asking me to settle the bills and even suspended my account for the months I have not used because of the quarantine.

Most likely, I will be working at home in August but I just have to use the last 2 months remaining in our office in Marco Polo Ortigas. The applicants don’t have to go to the office because the whole screening process and even the signing of contract would be done online .The money that I would save from the rental can be added to other expenses.

I know there will be more challenges and life is really testing us how long can we handle all these. The only thing that we can do when we are about to give up is think of the possible solutions and keep on trying. If plan A doesn’t work, go to plan B or C. Positivity is the key in facing the obstacles in life. So there, I will just keep you updated about my work at home diaries. As promised, I will be updating you about the checklist I had after quarantine in my next post. Til next post and I hope you can also be productive doing business at home.

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  1. Great article and such an inspiration. Thank you for r sharing this.

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