Revised Travel Plans 2020

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I had to make some modifications. In my previous post, I have mentioned some local places and Thailand in particular for mt first international travel. Now, I am putting the international trip off my list. Our health and safety is my main priority for now. Here is the detailed list for my revised travel plans for 2020.

Shane’s Birthday At Home

Usually, we spend Shane’s birthday in a hotel or resort. This year, I planned to celebrate her birthday to either Tagaytay or Baguio. Now, we just celebrated her birthday at home. I explained to her about the situation, and she understood everything. I just created some birthday coupons that she can use once the pandemic is over.

Tagaytay or Baguio

I am thinking if I could insert Tagaytay or Baguio this year. We can’t go on May because we wanted to make sure it’s virus-free already. June, July and August our problem would be typhoons. August, September would be busy months because of the opening of classes. We only have October since November will be for my Boracay trip and it would be crowded to come on December.


I rebooked my flights from April to November. Instead of 4d/3n, it would be a 5d/4n stay. I will be staying at Ferra Garden and Suites from November 26-28, 2020 and in Kamusta Boutique Hotel from November 28-29. I am still deciding on what hotel to stay for our last overnight stay. Part of me would like to experience the “pool-hopping” activity at Fairways & Bluewater again. I have booked myself a suite with plunge pool at Crimson Boracay under Worry Free Booking. It means I can cancel 2 days before the said trip.

Actually, I just added one night to our original 4/d3/n press trip wherein i will feature affordable accommodations and food in Boracay. I added one day because I would like to splurge in our last day. I originally wanted the villa with plunge pool, but it’s quite expensive. I would like to have a bigger space and a dedicated villa host, but I need to be more practical.

There will also be a possibility that I will replace Crimson Boracay once there is another hotel who would host our last 2 days in the island. I will just keep you updated before we fly in November.

I haven’t organized my stuff yet- I need a new large suitcase. I need to junk my broken pink suitcase. I have more time to choose the right one. I also have to sort the swimsuits, beach dresses/outfits, and accessories for my Boracay Trip. It’s my first time traveling in Boracay in November. There will be no celebrations except for my birthday month. I was planning to have our flight on the 13th for my birthday, but hubby suggested moving it on the 26th so the number of his absences if ever will be reduced to only two.

November Birthday Celebrations

There will be two birthday celebrations for November: my birthday on the 13th and Bruce’s 7th birthday on the 23rd. To be practical, I am thinking of having only one celebration. Probably we can just have a buffet dinner at the mall and give him the gifts he wanted.

Palawan or Thailand Trip in 2021

The domestic flight tickets are still inexpensive. I was able to book our roundtrip tickets from Manila to Boracay for only P14,700 (3 adults) with 20 kg. baggage allowance, in-flight meals and standard seats. Now I still have remaining credits but I am thinking if I would use them in domestic flights to Palawan on April 2021 or in Thailand.

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There might be modifications about my travel plans but I promise to keep you posted.

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  1. I love your blog. We’re going through hardships right now. We shall overcome.

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