What To Do After The Quarantine

Present Situation

Hi there! It’s Day 29 of the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) in Luzon, and indefinite lockdown here in the province of Rizal. We are dead bored! If there is no television and internet, I don’t know how we would deal with boredom. The only challenge for us is how to be productive during this time and think of exciting activities that would make us keep busy. All we can do right now is to pray. I am hoping that the virus would vanish forever and won’t bother the people anymore. Then, we can all go back to our normal lives.


What To Do After?

1. Plan for our upcoming trips

We are supposed to be in Boracay for our summer trip on April 30, 2020, and will go back to Manila on May 3, 2020. Due to the indefinite lockdown here in Rizal, I have requested AirAsia for a credit account. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with AVA (their virtual assistant), and I think the wait be longer than what I expected. (sigh!) It seems USELESS at this time. Hello, Airasia! Yohoo!

Once I have credited my account, that’s the only time I can set for our new travel dates. I’m thinking of moving it to June or December (depending on the situation, I guess). For sure, we will hit the beach this year. We BADLY need a vacation. I’m looking forward to our stay at Ferra Hotel and Kamusta Boutique Hotel

For the details about our revised travel plans, watch out for my separate post about it.


2. Relax at the spa and watch a movie

I missed the spa because the malls are closed. For Shane’s 13th birthday on the 19th, I wanted to give her a spa birthday theme. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have very limited resources. We wanted to buy cake, but there is no available store. I wanted to purchase or make our DIY facial masks, scrub or foot wash and decorate the dining room, but I think it’s not the proper time to do so. I just created birthday coupons, and one of those is the FREE foot spa. I also gave her a FREE manicure for Easter Sunday so that we will have our spa bonding and gift or relaxation after the quarantine. My son Kyle got a movie coupon from me yesterday during the Easter celebration, so we have a movie date to look forward to.


3. Go back to business

Because our operations were on freeze this ECQ, I wanted to bounce back once this is over. Before I go to vacation this June if ever, I wanted to hire tutors for the whole month of May (for online and face to face in-home tutorials).

4. Check up at the derma clinic

Before the ECQ, I went to Dermclinic Masinag because my cystic acne is back. I had it removed before New Year and after the I & D Procedure, it was back . I didn’t come back sooner because I was observing it, but it grows larger and I am getting worried. I had my antibiotics again and was supposed to come back after a week, but due to the lockdown, the dermatologist who is a senior citizen wasn’t at the clinic. Honestly, I don’t know what to do.

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5. Plan for Bruce’s Homeschooling Program

My youngest son Bruce is six years old- he will turn seven in November. The other kids like him with the same age will be enrolled as Grade 2 this coming school year. He won’t be admitted to Kinder yet because he has speech delay- the teacher is suggesting for another year in SPED, which I disapprove. It’s April 2019 that he began to say “Mama,” and now he can express himself better. He is a fast learner, and nobody would help him if I don’t make a move. This school year, I will enroll him in a homeschool program, and I will be the one to teach him. As preparation, I subscribed him to Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. Almost every day, I post pictures and short videos of him on my Facebook account.

I am currently planning on what skills to teach him while on vacation. I am planning to document our lessons. We will be having the homeschool vlog after my launch.

Catch Up with Selected Friends

I want to have a coffee or pizza date with my selected friends for a quick chit chat. It feels good to talk with real friends after being isolated at home for a long time.

Shop in the Mall

Once the mall opens, I need to buy some stuff I need for my upcoming travel trip like luggage, travel essentials, and some school supplies for Bruce’s homeschooling.

Well, I have a lot in mind, but I only listed the most important things for me. I hope that you have also done your own list. Let’s pray for the best!

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