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It’s Day 19 of our ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) in Luzon, and we are still in a state of shock. Due to COVID-19, our lives have been affected. Classes were suspended, and the government has decided to cancel the final examinations and compute the students’ grades based on their performances from first to fourth grading minus the exams. My Grade 10 son is supposed to have his moving up ceremony tomorrow, but because of the situation, it won’t push through anymore. As a parent, I do understand that this is an important event, but it is also essential to prioritize our health. With the lockdown, we just thought of coming up with exciting home quarantine activities.

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Productive ECQ Activities

Work from Home

As a business owner and manager, I know that this is indeed a big loss for us; however, we need to obey the President’s order. This way, we can help in our little way. We need to reschedule and freeze our operations for a while because of this pandemic situation. I also thought that if ever the lockdown will be prolonged or if they would apply the homeschool approach, we have the online tutoring option. I started to train my tutors and we posted a video so the clients will know that we are offering online tutorials.

I also have updated our website and began posting again. I realized that we have to move on and think on how we can attract clients again.

Home Fitness

In my post last December, I was confident that I will be able to achieve a beach-ready body. It is because, during that time, Anytime Fitness Xentro Mall has given me a one-month free use of the club. I must admit that without the cardio machines that I love, it would be a great challenge for me. I can do this with the help of my #HomeBodies. You can do the Zumba and aero at home via Skype or Facetime, without being conscious of how you look and move. The thing is you help each other in achieving your goal, which is to be FIT and healthy.

Hubby and I also thought of changing our eating habits. For breakfast and lunch, we can eat anything we want but with a limit of 1 cup of rice per meal. I encouraged him to cut down on rice and we agreed to have oatmeal as our dinner. I also cut down on coffee intake. The most I am having per day is 3 cups of coffee.

We are also making a point to clean one area of the house per day. It’s hitting two birds with one stone— driving away all the viruses and burning calories by doing household chores.

Fun App

My Hubby is addicted in TikTok probably because of boredom. He spent a lot of time that he wasn’t aware that he has consumed the remaining data in our Wifi.

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Learning at Home

Though we are at home, I don’t want Bruce to get bored. It’s a good thing I subscribed to Reading Eggs, and I also get colorful resources from Twinkl. According to his Developmental Pedia, she’s not sure yet if he has mild autism. Now, he is 6 years old (He will turn 7 on November 23). and little by little, he is learning how to talk. We were not able to get a speech therapist for him yet. The sad thing is that the school won’t allow him to enroll in the Kinder level again, and that would mean another schoolyear in SPED. As a mom, it hurts though I understand that they wanted the child to be a good reader before he is admitted to Kinder. It’s a tough decision, but I have made up my mind already to enroll him in a homeschool program in a private school (Kinder level), and I will be the teacher. I’m doing this because he should be Grade 2 by June. I believe that in one year, there will be a BIG improvement, and he will be able to read by the end of the school year (April 2021).

Bruce's rainbow coloring sheet from Twinkl
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Summer Plans

Because of the current situation, we won’t be able to push through with our out of the country trip this year. I wanted to feature other places and review different restaurants just like what I do before.

Honestly, I don’t know if our April 30-May 3 Boracay trip will be affected. I am still observing and waiting for further announcements. Should there be any changes, I would rebook my Airasia flights and hotels. We are dead bored already, and we wanted to go to the beach. I hope we will be able to push through with this because we badly needed a vacation. On April 30, we will be celebrating our Renewal of vows anniversary and The Blogger Princess Launch in our hotel room. As soon as we have confirmed our summer trip, I will post my 4d/3n Boracay Travel Itinerary and Boracay Packing List.


It’s just this week that I realized I wanted to vlog again and share what we’re into by posting in my IGTV and YouTube Channel. I promise to post something that you love (educational and fun)

We wanted to make the most out of this ECQ and look at the positive side. We still have our families to cling on to in situations like this. Bond with them NOW and think of other ways to deal with BOREDOM. I hope that I have shared some ideas on how you can be more productive at home. Until next post!


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