Our Valentine Staycation In Ortigas : A Review of Discovery Suites

Why Discovery Suites?

I was elated when I had successfully booked a one-bedroom suite at Discovery Suites last week for our Valentine staycation in Ortigas. I felt I won a jackpot prize because I know for a fact that Valentine dinners are quite expensive. For a practical person like me, an overnight stay with complimentary two glasses of wine and cheese platter in a suite is already a good deal. I have chosen to book a hotel in Ortigas because I will be coming from Marco Polo that day.

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Discovery Suites is a 4-star hotel located in ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center across the Podium.

Discovery Suites Ortigas , a place for staycation in Ortigas Center

My Impression

I had a memorable experience with Discovery Suites when we celebrated our wedding anniversary in 2017. I was looking forward to discover what they have in store for our Valentine’s staycation.

I thought that this staycation is perfect because we also need to take a break from work.

(The photos below are from our 15th Wedding Anniversary @ Discovery Suites in 2017)

They set up a romantic ambiance for us with this creative towel decor and bath with bubble bath and rose petals. We felt very special because of their efforts.

970x90 Romantic Collection

The Check-in Process

I registered at around 8 am before going to the office. Their standard check-in time is 3 pm, but I was hoping to have an early check-in, so I called to check since I have done this before in Marco Polo and Edsa Shangri-la.
After paying the incidental deposit of P2500, we waited because they were still cleaning the room at that time.

check-in during my staycation in Ortigas at Discovery Suites

I told myself that it’s okay to wait because I am already excited to see how they set up the one-bedroom suite for us for our Valentine staycation in Ortigas.  (The photos above show what they prepared for us before, and I was very eager to find out if they will be able to surpass what they had made for us previously). 

Our One-bedroom Suite

We were assigned to room 1114 and the suspense is here. (Drum roll, please!)

When we entered our suite, my excitement turned into a big disappointment. (Please click the link to my YT channel for a quick room tour).

The one-bedroom suite for our Valentine staycation in Ortigas costs P6500 net for an overnight stay. It’s quite deceiving because if you will examine carefully, I wasn’t able to receive my money’s worth. It’s more practical in my recent stay in Marco Polo though the rooms are quite expensive, but it includes the lounge access already. I liked the place except for one thing— its VIEW 🙁

Introducing Anolon Advanced Home

I like the simple and cozy living room, but we didn’t have a stunning VIEW. Having a beautiful and relaxing view is essential for me because it helps me unwind. A stockroom as our view is unpleasant to our eyes. As a result, it set my negative mood right after we have settled.

The living room in our one-bedroom suite in Discovery suites without a view

I liked the kitchenette (equipped with basic kitchen and dining essentials) like plates, glasses, spoon, forks, knives, and pans. They also have a cooker if you would like to cook your food; a microwave oven and oven toaster if you would like to reheat your leftover food. There is a refrigerator where you can store your food and drinks. There is also a dining area where you can have dinner or breakfast with your family.

Our bedroom without the view at Discovery Suites during our valentine staycation in Ortigas

I also liked the bedroom because we had enough space for our clothes in the spacious closet. We also have a writing desk, TV and phone in the room.

The white bathroom in our one-bedroom suite at Discovery Suites

Hubby liked the bathroom so much because it is simple but clean and classy. One of the things that I like is the bathtub. It’s just too weird that Shane and I didn’t have the time to enjoy it.  


Modern Bathroom

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Though I like sweets, I didn’t enjoy the freebies for the day. For me, it was a waste of money. We just conditioned our minds that we had to enjoy the rest of the day, so Shane and I headed to the gym.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

The Fitness Club

The fitness club is my favorite amenity in the hotel; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have my workout. My priority that time was to use the female area ALONE. I took advantage of the time when nobody was there, so I had the jacuzzi all by myself 🙂

I wasn’t able to use their sauna and steam bath because we had to proceed to the pool area for a quick swim since I was already shivering at that time. Hubby might also arrive anytime. I was not too fond of the cold water, so we had to go back to our suite.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Pool Area


Rating: 3 out of 5.
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The In-Room Dining

When we went back to the suite, I thought the pizza I ordered and the complimentary glasses of wine and cheese platter were already there, but instead, a heart-shaped sweet treat was there. Hubby arrived at 7:45 pm for our Valentine Staycation in Ortigas, and he brought chicken and rice for us. They delivered the pizza before 9 pm after I made several phone calls. We were already starving, and as much as I would like to get mad, I still managed to control my temper.

I didn’t want to ruin our Valentine’s Day staycation that I planned. I asked the staff who delivered the pizza about the cause of the delay. He informed me that the restaurant was jam-packed with people and they also have received many orders that night. I think they even forgot that we had a complimentary two glasses of wine and cheese platter. He apologized, and he promised to follow up for us. After a few minutes, I had to follow up again over the phone, and finally, they delivered the pizza at 9:20 pm.

Our cheese platter was delivered at 9:20pm for our Valentine Staycation in Ortigas



Rating: 1 out of 5.

The Breakfast Buffet @ Restaurant 5

We didn’t expect that much because we knew it wasn’t a five-star hotel, so they only have a limited selection of foods. Fortunately, I liked the meals they served that day. Here’s what I got on my plate (Garlic rice, Chicken with gravy, cheese pizza, chicken misua, ziti pasta in pesto sauce, hashbrown, omelet, yogurt, and banana cupcake. )


Restaurant 5 - Discovery Suites Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Rating: 3 out of 5.

After breakfast, we were having second thoughts if we would head to the gym and pool area. Finally, we have decided to stay inside the room.

Complimentary 3-in-1 coffee at Discovery Suites during our Valentine staycation in Ortigas

While I was having a cup of coffee, we talked about what we noticed in our room. He told me it smelled like cigarette in the room. I also shared to him about the disturbing noise that I heard that morning. I couldn’t sleep because of that. When I decided to get out of the bed, there was nothing to do. Usually, I open the window in the morning and gaze at the spectacular view. Well, there was no stunning view to brighten up my day.

Our thoughts were the same– they have not leveled up with their service; instead, they downgraded. So, instead of going back, I’m having second thoughts now. I don’t want to waste money and time. It was so disgusting– my Valentine staycation in Ortigas turned out to be a total disaster!

We posed while waiting for our luggages in Discovery Suites.

The Check-out Process

Standard check-out time is 12nn, so before we had to pack our things at 11 am and get ready. They didn’t have a late check-out benefit for the guests. In case you did, there will be additional charges. For the room that we got, it’s not worth the money.

The front desk officers while we were waiting for our luggages

While checking out, I shared with the front desk officers about my disappointment regarding the room assigned to us. I inquired if all the one bedroom suites have NO VIEW, because it was the one given to me. I was informed that the rooms with view are assigned to guests with longer stay. (Do not bother to book anymore if you won’t stay long)

Aside from that, they also had a horrible and very poor in-room service. I remember my disappointment with Marco Polo regarding the same issue. They were equally poor as far as service is concerned. I had to call a lot of times to follow up. I didn’t call the manager and complain like what I did to Marco Polo Continental Lounge because I’m already exhausted. (You can read about my horrible experience in Marco POLO here.)

waiting for our luggages in Discovery Suites

While we were waiting for our luggage outside, one of the staff approached Hubby and mentioned that it smelled like cigarette smoke in the room. My Hubby answered that we do not smoke, and he already noticed that smell, but we were not able to report it.

How Discovery Suites Can Improve

Discovery Suites is known for treating its guests like VIPs; however, they need to be consistent with their service. They need to see to it that they take care of all their guests. In our Valentine staycation in Ortigas it’s the in-room service who messed up. On our way to the swimming pool around 6 pm, we saw that the staff were delivering glasses of wine already in the rooms. I was expecting that the food was already there when we came back, but I had to make several phone calls before they deliver it.

What I Have Learned

It was also my fault. I didn’t ask if the room has a beautiful view; otherwise, I could have opted to have a Valentine’s dinner with my family at home. I ended up regretting to plan and book this whole thing. We could have a better celebration if we have done it at home or have chosen another hotel to spend an overnight stay.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I based my rating on our latest overnight stay. I think the service will depend on the type of room that you are going to avail. I suggest that before you book, make sure that you have a stunning view. Do not bother to order for in-room dining if it’s a holiday or you are have scheduled for a special event like Valentine’s Day. Overall, our Valentine staycation in Ortigas was a disaster and I would think twice if I will be back.

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I also felt guilty because I recommended Discovery Shores to 2 senior citizens who checked in on the last week of February. Unfortunately, I heard lots of complains because they were given a room with NO view, a distracting NOISE of construction and barking of the dog, a dirty area at the back stairs, elevator that is not working and more. Now, what the hell is happening? So, before you book (if you would take the risk), make sure the room has a stunning view and make your requests crystal clear to them.


25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City 1600

632 7 719888


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