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I know this is very late, but I won’t forgive myself if I’m not able to post our breakfast buffet experience at the HEAT when we spent our 17th Wedding Anniversary at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel last October 2019. My previous dining experience with them in 2018 was so disgusting not because of the food, but because some of the staff did not understand what I booked and gave me the wrong information. The disappointment, however, is not with the hotel itself. It was clear in my post before that our stay could’ve been perfect if those incidents did not happen. Anyway, we enjoyed our visit last year, and this time, I will show you the highlights of that incredible breakfast experience in this HEAT Edsa Shangri-la breakfast review.

My Favorites

Luckily, we didn’t experience any problem entering. The staff escorted us to our table. As we were seated, I looked around to find my favorites.

I don’t pick too much food in buffet– just a little portion of my favorites. As long as there are sweets and pastries, I’m satisfied, but my satisfaction won’t be complete without finding out if there is ice cream before I select my food. When I saw what I was looking for, I was motivated because, at the end of the race, the prize was waiting for me.

different flavors of doughnuts in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT
One of the Asian favorites- pancit canton in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT

There was no pasta during that day (I was looking for spaghetti or carbonara), but luckily there was pancit canton!

My usual selection are the following : pancit canton, chicken, and egg .

corned beef to mix with rice in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT
I tested the combination of yogurt, doughnut and cheese in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT
Weird combination of chocolate doughnut, cheese and yougurt
yogurt in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT
I made my own congee in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT
arroz caldo
congee in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT

The buffet breakfast isn’t complete without the congee and the element of excitement in combining the ingredients.

selection of breads in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT

Bruce wasn’t in the mood that morning, but a cup of hot choco made his day.

hot chocolate for my kiddo in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT (Edsa Shangri-la)
Bruce and his hot choco

For the kids, the cereals, pancake and champorado are the bestsellers. Too bad, I wasn’t able to try the ube champorado.

One of my favorite part of this eating episode is the arrival of the “Taho and Pandesal Guy.” It’s kinda unusual and cute to find the modern way of yelling “Tahooooooooo!” and “Pandesaaaaaal!.” Take note: the pandesal comes with other fillings, but I picked the chicken-filled pandesal.

Pandesal at your service in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT (Edsa Shangri-la)

And of course, here’s the sweet ending 🙂

ice cream choices in our buffet breakfast at the HEAT (Edsa Shangri-la)
dessert cravings satisfied in our breakfast buffet at the HEAT (Edsa Shangri-la)


Well, I was delighted with the breakfast buffet at the HEAT. The only missing food was the cake. It’s only in the Linden Suites that I saw slices of cakes in the buffet. I hope that there will be a time that all my faves like cake, pizza, and ice cream are all included in the buffet selection. Overall, I will give 4.5 stars.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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Thank you for taking the time to read my HEAT Edsa-Shangri-la review. I will be posting another blog on the last week of this month because we will be having a tour at the EDSA Shangri-la Manila Hotel on February 23, 2020. I will show you around with the help of Ms. Terylle from the Horizon Club Lounge:-)


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