My Valentine’s Day Plans

The Importance of Planning

Yep, it’s almost one week before Valentine’s Day, and I was cramming lately. Do you have any Valentine plans yet? Many of you have already ordered gifts like premium chocolates, expensive flowers, gift baskets, and first-class jewelry sets , but for a practical person like me, I should consider a lot of things.

I think that I might be able to plan nothing at all. It happened to me last year— I had many options, and because of that, I didn’t stick to what I liked when I happen to stumble upon something that interests me, I had second thoughts— till it was too late to book and all the places I wanted were not available anymore. I have learned from my experience; that’s why I needed to be wiser and faster this time!

I didn’t have to be impulsive just because I wanted to do this ahead of time. I checked the prices if I will be booking a table for two plus our 12-year-old daughter. Marco Polo and Shangri-la restaurants would cost me around P4k to 6k for just the dinner alone, and in a matter of 1 or 2 hours, you’re done with the celebration. I am just practical, so I looked for other options. A spa at the Hanging Gardens was a good idea also, but I wanted something more— after all, I deserved a treat for myself. I’ve been working so hard ever since I resigned as a public school teacher. This love month, it’s about time for Hubby and I to reward ourselves.

Improvements in My Planning

So, to make the long story short, I decided to book an overnight stay in Discovery Suites. Since I am working in Ortigas, of course, the target place should be within that area only. I don’t want to get stuck in traffic, so this one is perfect. I was able to get a good deal to book a one-bedroom suite for only P6,500 net. My last experience with them was during our video shoot for our renewal of vows. We have received a VIP treatment because they are already experts in the field of customer service. Ever since, I loved the way they surprised us and made us feel very important. Now, I wanted to spend this romantic celebration with a hotel that makes us feel at home as always. 

a private pool and jacuzzi , my perfect vision of my Valentine plans at the Discovery Suites.

Watch out for my Valentine’s Day celebration with Hubby and Shane @ Discovery Suites! I know you are still thinking carefully about your Valentine plans. You can check out if they still have vacant rooms.


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