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I had my last passport on 2009 and since it expired, I wasn’t able to renew it. When I got it back then, it was through the help of a travel agency. The travel agent was the one who assisted me in getting the copy of my birth certificate from NSO and the copy of our marriage contract. After few days, I was called for appearance in DFA and I had to go in Manila for the long queue. Though, my agent was there, I still have to do it on my own and patiently stand and wait for my turn.

Now that I have my plans of going outside the country, there is really a need for me to renew my passport, and of course, my travel buddy– my husband 🙂 I was glad when I hear that there is no need for us to go to Manila for appearance because they can already accommodate us in Cherry Antipolo. The first step for me was to get an appointment by visiting the DFA website. After I got my preferred schedule for me, hubby and Shane, I settled the payment via GCash. After I got my payment confirmation, I have received my appointment confirmation via email.

I prepared the the original and photocopies of our birth certificates, scanned copies of our passport bio, and two valid IDs. Unfortunately, they did not accept the scanned copies so it’s better for you to just photoccopy the documents or have it photocopied there inside the DFA office.

Our appointment was 10am in the morning and we were there around 9:14 am but all the seats were already occupied in the waiting area. After few minutes, we were approached by the guard and he gave us our number card. We were then ushered to the 3rd floor where DFA is located. They gave priority to senior citizens and pregnant women. They sent people by fives and everything was in order.

When we got inside, we only waited for few minutes and when my number was called, the lady verified our documents. The only hassle we had was to photocopy out IDs and passport, but the rest was okay. Since our transaction was renewal of passport, we were not asked of the birth certificate and marriage contract anymore. We just presented our original passport. In the picture taking area, I was asked to fix my hair because the ears should be visible and the eyebrows shouldn’t be covered so the lady lent me a hairpin so I could clip my bangs.

After that, I was called to verify the information and sign for Shane. It was her first time to apply for a Philippine passport, so she presented her original birth certificate and a parent/guardian should be present with her so I submitted a photocopy of my ID too and attached it to her documents. We were able to finish the transaction before 11am and we will just pick up our passports on the 20th.

It was really convenient now because we don’t have to tap the travel agency to assist us with PSA authenticated birth certificates. We requested our BCs in the PSA website. We got ours in less than one week and the documents were delivered to our home. Application for passport is also as easy as 1-2-3. Now, my problem is where to go this year? I’m worried of that corona virus that’s why I’m researching of a safe visa-free country to visit this 2020. I will update you guys when I have made up my mind already. Bye for now!

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