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It;s time for a change since it’s 2020 so I have changed some of the desktop and mobile apps that I use.


  1. WAVE

I have this in my mobile and lappy so anytime I can bill our clients and send a receipt as well. This has been very useful to me for years. The best thing about this app is that it is 100% free!


I use CANVA for creating Facebooks ads and announcements. This is very easy to use– they have lots of templates and I can also upload pictures that I can paste in the ads. What I do not like is that they have limited photos and in order for you to use the premium images, you need to upgrade. I tried to upgrade, but still you have to pay more in order for you to get the photos or elements that you want.


I use Facebook not just for personal purpose, reaching out with friends, but also to get in touch with customers and tutor applicants. This is where I advertise to get tutor applicants that’s why I can’t live a day without Facebook.


From, I moved my website to WordPress because it’s easier to use though I must admit that I still have to redesign the site and probably upgrade to business plan to get more traffic. I am currently using premium plans for both my personal blog and business blog.

5. GCash

I use Gcash to send the tutors’ salaries just by typing their mobile number and in a matter of seconds, I can send them money. If they don’t have a Gcash account, I can also send them thru bank transfer via the GCash app.

I love this app because I can also pay my credit card bills and other transactions in real time.


Some clients request to send credit card payments so I use PayPal in that case.


  1. Adobe Spark

I use this to create blog banners and YouTube thumbnails. I also used this to create the intro and outro for my vlog channel. As a newbie in vlogging, this has helped me a lot because I only get to choose templates and there are also lots of free photos and icons that I can use, plus I can brandify my posts and videos 🙂


I tried to vlog last summer but I had a hard time finding the best app for me. It’s just recently that I settled to SPLICE, now that I have discovered that it’s not complicated to use it. I just don’t have the time before– now, I vlog almost everyday 🙂 It’s easy to put music and texts in every slide and it’s easy to save the file in my phone and export it to YouTube.

3. YouTube

Now, I can easily vlog! I just have to know some tricks to grow my subscribers. I will be launching my YouTube channel as The Blogger Princess on May 1, 2020 @ Ferra Hotel Boracay. Last year, I was using my old name and I was clueless then what to do.


We use this because we only learned how to drive in 2018 and we don’t know the places, so this is very useful for us. Without Waze, it would be very difficult for us to find the place that we are going to visit.


For shopping convenience, I use these apps to order clothes, shoes, accessories and other things. Though Xentromall is walking distance to our home and SM Masinag is just few minutes drive from our place, there are times that I really don’t want to go out and these apps save my day.

I have a lot more in my phone, but these are my fave and more useful apps for me. If you think there’s another app that I should try, feel free to comment here or send me a message.

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