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Since the New Year started , I still couldn’t believe I actually have resigned from my work as a public school teacher. I still wake up at 4am because that used to be my routine. I go to school not to work and teach students like what I used to do before, but because we drop our son to school by car. After dropping him to school, I have control of my time if I would like to do household chores or work.

Now, I am the boss! That’s what I really enjoyed about my decision. Though it is indeed stressful because I singlehandedly do all the job from marketing, HR to operations on a daily basis (no holidays and weekends), but it’s fine with me because I am the one who manages my time. I can go to the office whenever I want and I decide on my OOTD (Isn’t that awesome?) I can work for overtime as late as 12 midnight or opt to wake up late. In other words, I make the decision and I have the power to do anything I want. And because I am already focused with my business, it means more opportunity.

I am more motivated now because I also get to bond with the kids (mommy duties). We can sneak to the mall and watch movies, stroll or pig out. I was guilty of having no time with them for the past ten years and now, I promise to make up to them.

Aside from that, I have more time in blogging! Before, I just blog in my free time and that is every three months if I am not busy. Now, I have all the time and I have worked on my content calendar until November 2020 (which means more content for my blogs, IG and Facebook page and personal FB account.). It’s not yet final because I still have to put some checklist per page so I know what I have to accomplish per day.

I just posted my first Friday Vlog Day yesterday and I’m kinda excited on posting new vlogs. Before, I almost died because of stress and obviously, I didn’t have the time for myself and the kids– so I am definitely enjoying this benefit.

  • Before the month ends, I made sure that I have accomplished something. Here are some of my accomplishments:I already have talked with the respective banks re my loan and I am currently working on producing the requirements for the first one so I can settle the full amount and close my account and I have informed the other bank that I will settle the payment over the counter instead until it end on December 2021.
  • Since I already resigned, I am working on my requirements for my GSIS benefits. I would also like to find out if i can continue contributing for my Philhealth and register for SSS (self-employed). They have a lot of requirements, but I had no choice but to produce all those because I really need to have my benefits after my resignation.
  • Temporarily, I have improved my workstation at home while I am still in the planning stage of building my office/blogging area in the 3rd floor on January 2021.
  • I also have applied for passport renewal so I can already go outside the country for vacation with my family.

Now, I can say that I am really happy with my decision and I will make sure that everything will be under control in the following months. If you are like the old me who had no time for your family, probably it’s time for you to think it over.

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