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Yey! It’s my first vlog in 2020– actually, I wanted to start last New Year’s Eve, but I was quite hesitant with the apps that I will use and the content. I have realized that it’s not an excuse because I have more time to do it now. Before I did this short vlog, I have searched for apps in creating vlogs. I didn’t want to use a complicated app that’s why I still stick with Splice. Fortunately, I have discovered Adobe Spark and I’m using it now to design my video clips, ads and social media posts.

Yes, I am still in the process of checking apps that would be useful in my vlogs, but I am happy with Adobe Spark at the moment. I was able to do my vlog intro (though it’s quite an amateur’s work), but at least I am learning 🙂 I put the video clips and made it as one in SPLICE. So, this first vlog for the month was just an experiment.

My first vlog for 2020

The vlogs I am going to upload are bits of my life— a medium to tell my story (that’s why I also call it my vlog diaries). Now part of my goal is to vlog at least once a week and I will devote my Friday for that 🙂 So, this is quite an achievement for me and I promise that there will be more vlogs to come! I hope that I will be able to produce quality, entertaining and informative vlog (very soon) in time for my vlog launch on May 1, 2020. i also hope that I will be able to grow my subscribers in few months. Til next vlog, friends!

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