My 2021 Home Improvement Project

My 2020 Plans

It’s 2020, and I want to have a fresh and brand NEW start. Since I stay most of my precious time at home, I decided to plan about having my own blogging office/studio, of course, at the comfort of my own home. It sounds perfect, but it’s not that easy, and I need more time to plan about this carefully and funds for this home improvement project.

I currently have my small workstation in my bedroom, where I spend most of my time blogging and doing office work. The thing is, our bedroom is on the second floor of our house, which is not yet completely finished. The walls are not, however, perfect and painted. It’s not again tiled or carpeted, and everything is disorganized. One of my goals this year is to save for this project, and I will be able to come up with funds most likely in December.

What I Have In Mind

The Blogging Studio/Office

I’m planning to divide the space into two: first would be the open space and the other half for my studio/office. So why on the rooftop? Ideally, I need a quiet area to work and to write blogs so it shouldn’t be in the bedroom if I would like to free myself from distractions. Also, I want to have a source of light, so definitely, it would be from the windows, so even if I don’t switch on the lights, I still can write or work. I also need the area to be sound-proof (if it’s possible).

The room won’t be that big, but I want all areas to be functional, with chic design and of course, relaxing.

I wanted the office to have an access to my bedroom downstairs, so I need to have a narrow ladder or spiral stairs.

The Areas in My Office/Studio


This is my blogging spot– the usual table where I can work and write blogs. I badly need a quiet space. I’m thinking of making this a sound-proof room because I will be taking and making phone calls if needed.

For this, I need a spacious working desk, printer, laminating machine, small filing cabinet, organizers, bulletin boards, and a comfy office chair


This is where I pose and emote in front of the camera for my vlogs. I need a super nice background, a pink couch, camera tripod in this area.

Madeli Bolano 60

In this area, I will place selected outfits and pairs of footwear for my vlog shoots. A vanity area equipped with makeup and other beauty supplies will also be set there if we have enough space.


I don’t know if this will be possible but I want a space to fit a bathtub. That way, I can soak myself in a relaxing bubble bath if there is a need for me to destress.

Juno 71

I also have a stationary bike, a set of dumbbells, a tummy, and an abs exerciser. Just in case I have excess money, I will purchase a treadmill and rowing machine. This way, I can have my workout at home.


I do not intend to receive visitors here because this is my own personal and private space. I will just put TV just in case I am working. I will also put a piece of small furniture where I can place my water dispenser and coffee.

This is just a plan, I am hoping to make this a reality since I have to consider my budget 🙂 I will post a blog of my home office decoration on 2021 and vlogs about the home improvement series


For the meantime, I have improved my temporary workstation at home while I am still saving for funds. You can also watch the video here. Good luck for my home improvement project!

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