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Oh my! I am kinda pressured a bit because I am currently working on my content calendar for 2020, and so far, I only have included Boracay for our summer destination. Uhmm, this is because that’s the only sure ball in this game plan, hehehe. But of course, we can make it an easy win if I am going to carefully plan about my travel since I have all the time for myself and the kids now 🙂 Okay, so let us start planning and get the ball rollin’!

  1. BAGUIO OR TAGAYTAY TRIP for Shane’s birthday celebration on April 2020

Baguio is also one of our favorite summer destinations simply because I can relax and forget all my troubles temporarily whenever I am in Baguio. I haven’t stayed with my family yet in Tagaytay for an overnight or 3d/2n stay and I would really like to give it a try this year. I promised my daughter that she would be spending her 13th birthday in either of the 2 places. If it’s possible to have both, why not?

2. My Blog and YouTube Channel Relaunch week in BORACAY on May 1-3, 2020

Because BORACAY is a paradise for me, I make it a point to visit the island every year.

For 2020, I have two reasons: (1) It will be our first renewal of vows anniversary on the 30th of April and I would like to have more private time with my hubby. Last time, we went there as a family and we had a lot of things to consider because we have a senior citizen and a 5 year old kid with us. Though the ceremony wasn’t perfect, I am still thankful we were able to experience a wedding ceremony done by a pastor because back in 2002, we only had a civil wedding.

Our renewal of vows on a boat with the help of BPHT Booking Services

(2) I will be having my relaunch of this website– I launched My Barbie World in a different website in 2016 but after a year I have changed the name as The Travel Blogger in Pink and it’s just this August 2019 that I have changed the name to The Blogger Princess, so I wanted to make a short program right inside our hotel room in Ferra Hotel. This is to thank everyone including the brands I’ve worked with and to celebrate because this year I’m a full-time blogger/vlogger. Yahoo!

This time also, I will be featuring boutique hotels for budget sensitive travelers and I will give you a comprehensive information (article and vlog about our accommodation and dining experience). There’s a lot to watch out for!


Well, I haven’t been to Palawan and that’s hella funny. People keep on asking me why and they are also telling me that I should visit Palawan because it is as marvelous as Boracay. I will see if I will be able to squeeze some time for summer because I wanted hubby to come with me if ever. We can also use October for our 18th wedding anniversary if ever. We can start by planning and hoping for this to become a reality 🙂


Yes, I haven’t experienced to visit other countries simply because I have spent my precious time in work, and I wasn’t able to have QUALITY bonding with my kids as they grow. Now, I regret the fact that I have done this stupid thing, and I wish I could have turned back the time, but I know it’s very impossible now. All I can do is to make the most out of my time and I would really love to explore Asian countries first.

The first step that I will do is to renew our passports and get the kids their own passports as well. Then I can start looking for inexpensive flights and hotels after. I will appreciate if you can suggest which country to visit for my first Asian trip and you can also give me tips for hotels, food and places to visit. You can get in touch with me by commenting here or sending me an email.

I think, this will be all for now, since I have a lot of planning to do. I promise to update this post if I have additional trips in mind. Have a great weekend!


Thailand is the first on my list. If ever, it will be on May or October 2020. As of now, I am in the process of doing my own research about Thailand and we are kinda excited for this. My plan would be to explore and get lost in Bangkok and Phuket for one week.

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