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I know this is a little late, but it’s better to share this than never. I didn’t know if I was too excited that I was loaded with too much work that I failed to post here on New Year’s Day but at least I was able to share these in IG and my personal Facebook account and official Facebook page.

My content calendar for 2020

I started working on my content calendar before Christmas and til now, I’m not yet through with it. I only have finished until August 2020. I researched for topics that would be covered for each month and what social media channels am I going to use for my blog and business. It’s a different story now because I have plenty of time to focus in both personal and business aspects. Now that I have resigned from my work as an educator, I need to really maximize my time and think of strategies that would produce money for my family– so this is serious.

Family Picture

Now, let’s talk about our outfit– before the traditional meal at 12 am for the New Year’s Eve dinner (few hours before), I started looking for outfits and I finally decided that I, together with my 12 year old daughter, will wear polka tops and black skirt. The male members like my father, hubby and two sons have red shirts so I thought that we would look great for the family pictorial.

Why polka dots and red? My mother told me that polka dots represent money and red is a lucky color that represents abundance as well. Anyway, there’s no harm if we will follow:-)


It’s not a grand feast; but instead, a simple dinner for the family to celebrate the New Year, so we didn’t have to splurge.


We didn’t follow what others say that there should be 12 different round fruits to represent the 12 months in a year, but we put our favorite fruits on the table.


Pizza is one of our favorites and we see to it that every New Year’s Eve, we have pizzas to serve. We only have 1 medium box because Domino’s didn’t have a promo at that time.

Buttered Shrimps

It’s the kids’ request to have buttered shrimps, so we granted their request.


It’s a tradition to have noodles or pasta during celebration so I requested my father to cook Carbonara for us.

pork barbeque
Buko Salad

We had Buko Salad and Chicken Macaroni Salad. I prefer the latter because we already had too much sweets– what will happen to my diet resolution thing? Hehehe…

Choco Graham with chocolate chips and walnuts

I made this dessert because I bought Hershey’s chocolate chips and we have 1 big plastic of walnuts for Christmas. Those would be wasted if I won’t prepare this for New Year.

Black Forest Cake

I didn’t like plain chocolate cake so we settled for Black Forest and we loved the taste— the combination of cherries and chocolate, which is not that sweet.

Gold chocolate coins
biko and malagkit

According to beliefs, we should have something sticky for New Year for stronger family ties, so hubby bought these in the market.

Red wine and Orange Juice

For drinks, we had red wine and orange juice. I wanted to have pineapple juice but hubby wanted something colorful.

After the dinner, I threw the coins that I collected for one year and the kids patiently picked those coins on the floor. It’s a tradition that we have every year for the kids– we also believe that we will have a prosperous year if we do that. When my mom was still alive, we used to sleep with coins and paper bills on the bed. We also used to hang 12 pieces of grapes in the window— a lot of beliefs, but for me, the thing that matters is the love and care that you get from your family. Even if you have sumptuous food, but you are not happy, the holiday spirit would have no sense at all.

So, after the holiday season, I thought of working on my diet and exercise. For the whole month of December, Anytime Fitness gave me a free 1 month access- and that really helped a lot in burning the calories. This month though, we need to start the year right by eating healthy foods and exercise. I have started in doing my own workout at home since I have a stationary bike, abs and tummy exerciser and set of dumbbells. If I will have my own treadmill, I don’t have to go to the gym 🙂

So, I think I have shared enough how we spent our New Year’s Eve. I am wishing you guys to have a productive and prosperous 2020! Let’s claim the success this year!

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