My 2019 in Review & Goals for 2020

What Happened in 2019?

Hey there!  Before the New Year begins and before I set my goals for 2020, I would like to give you  a review of what happened to me in 2019.

Health Issues

Health Problems.png

I struggled really hard with my health in 2018 because of excessive menstrual bleeding. I’m glad that last summer, it gradually stopped. I think it has something to do with stress, but I still have managed to finish the school year. I thought I would be able to have good health for the rest of the year, but I was even more stressed with the things that happened lately. In addition to that,we still have paperwork and activities in school, so I finally decided to rest for good. I tendered my resignation as a public school teacher before Christmas. (The story about my depression is written here.)

REFLECTION:  I was weak in the sense that I didn’t know how to deal with stress management. I ended up being helpless– I actually blamed myself for everything that happened. I even thought that I was the jinx, and all I brought the people around me is a misfortune. Because I was stressed, I failed to help myself in having a balanced diet. My way of dealing with stress is to eat sweets and drink too much coffee.

GOALS:  For 2020, I would like to have a balanced diet, control my coffee intake into a maximum of 3 cups per day, and have a fitness routine. ( I actually am starting to achieve my fitness goals as early as this month, thanks to Anytime Fitness! ).

Bonsai Boy Of New York

Financial Problems

money matters

One of the causes of my stress in 2018 , I should say, is the credit card bills.  In 2019, the achievement I made was to cut those cards from 8 to 4. I still have 3 Citibank Credit cards and 1 from Eastwest Bank.

REFLECTION:    I have realized that it’s not a good idea to have several credit cards; in fact, it would be better to have only one. If I will be able to clean up those bills, I would only retain my Eastwest Bank credit card. I also noticed that I was able to control my expenses. I only bought the things that we need, and we only spoil ourselves sometimes.

GOALS:  Well, since I already have filed my resignation in school, I am also going to settle my loans. In that way, I won’t have anything in mind, just the 4 credit card bills and other expenses. Aside from cleaning up the debts, settling bills on time, I wanted to save money.

Extra Income

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My business is such a blessing for us. I know we were not able to save, but it’s enough for us to buy groceries, food, and settle the bills. There were times that I have lapses because I was busy with school, that’s why I wasn’t able to focus that much.

REFLECTION:  I have realized that if not for this, we would be in deep trouble. I guess my decision to rest for good is a brilliant idea because I will be able to focus on making money.

GOALS:  Of course, my goal is to have more customers, that’s why as early as now, I am already creating my content calendar for our business for 2020.

Time Management

family time

One thing that I was guilty of is that I didn’t have the time to bond with my family. Simple things like helping them with their homework, checking how they feel, and making them happy will be a good accomplishment. This year, there was a significant improvement with my youngest child (BRUCE). If you watch my vlogs, I think you are already familiar with him. He has speech problems, and currently, he is enrolled in the SPED class. He started speaking last April, and now, he can express himself, but we need to teach him how to pronounce the words well.

REFLECTION:  Time was a significant factor, and because I wasn’t able to share my time with the kids, I forgot that my second child needed attention. When she enrolled in the school where I used to teach, she had a culture shock. She wasn’t expecting that the class size would be that big– there are about 70 students in her class. She also had a hard time focusing on the lessons. I have decided to transfer her to another school because they offer a homeschool program.

GOALS:  I wanted to spend quality time with my family, most notably my kids. Bruce is interested in the alphabet and numbers, so I am giving him more resources. I also wanted to help Shane with her lessons in her homeschooling. Now, I am planning to spend more time with her so she could enjoy it as well. More family staycations and family dinner and bonding to come!

social media presence

This year, I wasn’t that active in posting for my blog and there is a lot of work to do with the YouTube channel that I have created.

REFLECTION:  I think stress is also a BIG factor and the lack of time because I wasn’t able to have restaurant features like what I used to do in 2018.

GOALS: I wanted to be super active, and content planning will be a big help for me since I will be a full-time blogger now. I will be launching The Blogger Princess on May 1, 2020, on Boracay (which will be hosted by Ferra Hotel). For me to achieve this goal, I will need help from sponsors.

I am looking forward to having quality content in the blog/vlog, FB, and FB posts that I will share.

To sum things up, 2019 has been good to me and I believe that with proper planning and in sharing my precious time, I will be able to achieve my goals for 2020.

What do you think, folks?  Comment down regarding your suggestions or thoughts.

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