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Oh yes, it’s just 2 days before Christmas and still, I haven’t achieved some of my goals.  It’s been more than a week since the last day in school, but I’ve been very busy with a lot of things– and now, we are cramming a bit because tomorrow, it will be Christmas Eve!

So, today, here is what we have to accomplish until tomorrow:

  1.  The Christmas decorations are partially done- we have painted the walls white, bought new dark blue silky and light blue curtains.

blue and light blue curtains.jpg

2.   The Christmas tree is overloaded with ornaments, but I wish I could have come up with a “STARLA” theme, but it’s too late.  Probably, by next year I can do the yearly Christmas theme since I have more time to spend with my family at home.

christmas tree

3.   We bought stuff for stocking fillers.  This time is goodbye to sweet treats– it’s about time to have more practical things inside.


4  Finalize the list for dishes for  Christmas Eve.  It’s quite weird but I haven’t finalized the dishes yet.  We wanted to prepare something that the kids would enjoy!

5. Achieve the Christmas glow– How the hell am I going to do that?  Before, I was able to achieve it with the help of Soulscape Spa and Nailaholics, thanks to them 🙂  Now, I was able to solve my problem with my cystic acne– I finally got rid of it!  It appeared last March 2018 and I went to Dermcare Clinic last December 11 and I had one week medication.  This morning, I came back and I had the I & D Procedure (Incision & Drainage) .  It just took about 10 minutes or less for the dermatologist to remove the cyst.  At least, I will look better now 🙂

6.  Last minute Christmas Shopping — I think we can’t avoid this.  I’m lucky because we have a mall very near to our place.  I will be heading there tomorrow to buy some groceries and some items for the Christmas stockings and probably some small gifts too and something for our Christmas outfits.

7.  Complete my fitness routine @ Anytime Fitness Xentro Mall.  I am getting ready for my Boracay trip this coming April 30-May 2, 2020 and this is a BIG help for me.

So, we need a lot of planning to do.  Happy holidays!  More updates to come.


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