My December 2019 GOALS

I know it’s already the second week of December and it’s kinda late to share this post, but it’s better to be late than not to post anything at all.  This month, I’m having mixed emotions– this week, I’m finally saying goodbye as a classroom teacher.  I’m actually thinking that this would end my stressful days for paperworks and other school related activities.  This doesn’t mean though that I will say goodbye to the field of education–NO!  The positive side is that I can focus in my tutoring business at SMART TUTEE.  I could go on and on because this week, I have all the time for myself and my family and this is why I need to set my goals for this month.


I know it’s hard to achieve this, that’s why I decided to use the free 1 month membership that Anytime Fitness Xentro Mall.  gave me.  December is a month of celebration and party-hopping; therefore, it’s really hard to resist delectable dishes especially sweets.  I am guilty of eating too much when December starts and for me to balance everything, I need a daily use of the cardio machines to help burn calories.  I am desperately in need to be fit before I formally launch my Youtube Channel and relaunch The Blogger Princess, previously known as The Travel Blogger in Pink in Boracay on May 1, 2020, which will be hosted by Ferra Hotel.   The event will be on summer, so I should have a beach-ready body at that time and I am confident that I can achieve my fitness goals with the help of Anytime Fitness Xentro Mall.  You can see my daily fitness diary posts and updates in IG and my personal FB account.


I’m also guilty of eating too much fast food meals and junk foods; so if I would like to attain my fitness goals, I should be eating healthy foods also.  I think this will take time and I would lie if I would say that in just few days, I will be able to achieve this goal.  Probably, I could start by planning a healthy meal for next year, but I can try this month (winks 🙂 )

I am a coffee addict and I have lots of stocks of 3-in-1 coffee sachets at home, but hubby keeps on telling me in horror about the calories per cup that I get daily since I consume minimum of 5 cups of coffee daily.  So, the plan is for me to decrease my coffee intake– I am searching for an alternative.  One thing is certain, though– I need to increase my water intake.


I was so busy lately that I wasn’t able to create vlog posts for my YouTube channel.   Since I already have the time to do it next week, I am planning to create the following for this month.

  • My typical day at Anytime Fitness Xentro Mall
  • Preparation for our year-end party @ 3B Resthouse
  • Preparation for the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve



We have started decluttering in the bedrooms, but since it’s a busy week for us, I think we will be able to have more time to clean and decorate after Dec 15.

christmas tree.jpg


I still have old Christmas tree decorations and same SANTA CLAUS decorations as well.  I will create a blog post showing our curtains and other home accessories.  We are still deciding on the colors and other designs.  For the wall of our living room, we just painted it white to be simple and neat.  Wait for my update, folks!


I rented 3B Resthouse in Antipolo for two reasons:

(1) Kyle’s 16th birthday celebration with the family

From 8am to 2pm we have all the time for ourselves; so, a simple pool party will be nice.  We will have pasta, lumpiang Shanghai pizza, ice cream and other finger foods.

(2) SMART TUTEE’s Year-end Party

From 3pm to 7pm, we will have the Christnas Party for the tutors.  It will just be a simple dinner (potluck) , exchange gifts and raffle draw for the tutors.

Watch out for my vlog about this!


I already have started buying Christmas gifts, but I need more time.


Since I will be free next week, I’m planning to use the time to create content calendars for The Blogger Princess and SMART TUTEE.  I promise to be more active in social media and I’m so excited for the result.  It will be tedious on my part, yes, because I will personally plan and I do not intend to buy a ready made content plan for my business.


This is the last, but of course not the least on my list.  By  next week, we will start submitting Shane’s requirements for her homeschooling and prepare Bruce for his Christmas Party.

I have also set up Bruce’s YouTube channel.  We will try to post content this month.

I am planning how can we celebrate Christmas this year, the malls are too busy.   Wait for my update about our family bonding.

This is it, dear readers!  I will just update you if I miss something.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




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