A Memorable Celebration @ Edsa Shangri-La

Why Edsa Shangri-la?

I seldom book in hotels, and when I do, I make sure that it’s worth the money and time. Since it’s our 17th wedding anniversary, I chose to have our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la for an overnight staycation. I wanted something special. This time, I had to make sure that we won’t experience a nightmare that we had in our recent stay in Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

I also had a bad experience in my previous stay at Heat about our buffet breakfast, but I think it’s worth another try. Now, I made sure that everything will be perfect. After I booked with the property directly via online booking, I was always in touch with the reservations and customer service regarding my concerns. As a guest who would like to enjoy her stay, I had the right to make sure that my stay won’t have any hassle at all.

This time, we wanted to share our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la with our kids, so I wanted to let them enjoy as well. I chose a large room with club lounge access as usual, and I was happy to find out that kids are very much welcome in the Horizon Club Lounge! That was less stress on my part because we didn’t have to leave our 5-year-old kid in the playroom while we’re in the lounge.

The Lobby Lounge at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

Our Experience 

Bert Alis of Edsa Shangri-la Manila

The moment we stepped into the hotel entrance, we were already greeted by Gilbert. He escorted us to the 14th floor where the Horizon Club Lounge is. We had a private check-in, and after Mitch explained to us everything, including the Horizon Club benefits, we opted to stay in the lounge because it was already 2pm– just in time for the afternoon tea and snacks. We just asked Bert to bring our luggage inside our suite.

Mitch of the Horizon Club Lounge, who assisted us in our check-in
Mitch – the one who assisted us with our check in
Our keycards- The Garden Premier Suite at the Edsa Shangri-la
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The Garden Wing Premier Suite

I booked the Garden wing premier suite because it’s quite large, with its own living room where the extra bed was placed. The bedroom has a king-sized bed and a bathroom with a jacuzzi, shower area, and toilet. I prefer a suite than an ordinary room because of some inclusions. You can watch my room tour vlog here. Though last time we already stayed in the same kind of suite, I felt the excitement once again to see and to experience a luxurious staycation with my family.

What made our staycation memorable and what’s so special about Edsa Shangri-la?

1. Class

From the facade, modern interior designs and elegant furnishings, undoubtedly, the hotel is first class. It’s worth every money that you spend.


2. The Horizon Club Lounge

Hubby at the Horizon Club Lounge

I always book rooms with club lounge access because it already includes afternoon tea time and cocktail hour. At Edsa Shangri-la, they have 24 hour access for refreshments; so, that’s a plus factor.   It’s either I sleep late or wake up early. This makes the club lounge access perfect if I would like to drop by to have a cup of coffee or chilled juice.

One of the inclusions that I enjoy in a five-star hotel when I book for one is the free two-hour use of boardroom/meeting room.  I use it in my business whenever I have to conduct tutor-orientation for newly hired tutors.  Too bad, I wasn’t able to use that benefit, though I would really like to schedule one. We had too many activities lined up for our stay and I thought that including business in our stay would consume much time and we won’t be able to enjoy Edsa Shangri-la.

With Ms. Jovyn of EDSA Shangri-l;a Manila

As I was talking to Mitch during the check-in process, a familiar face appeared and as I recall — it was Jovyn, who was in the front desk before when we checked in in our previous booking.  I didn’t know where to go before so we decided to proceed in the front desk.  I remembered her also because she was one of the super nice people who assisted us when we checked in and out.

Christmas sweet treats at the Edsa Shangri-la Horizon Club Lounge

Before we had our afternoon snacks and tea, we saw the Santa Claus basket displays with sweet treats.  We were actually excited to find out what snacks were available at that time.

the Horizon Lounge at Edsa Shangri-la
sweet temptations at Edsa Shangri-la

I was really looking forward for their pastries, but one thing that we enjoyed and liked was the tuna sandwich.

They have a Nespresso machine, soda, and chilled juices that the guests can enjoy 24/7. I liked pulpy chilled juices because they are not concentrated. Kyle and I had orange juice, Mango for Bruce, and Apple juice for hubby.

This is what I have missed in my stay. Every time I stay in Marco Polo Ortigas, I take advantage of the free conference room use for short meetings and presentation.

the meeting room at Edsa Shangri-la
the meeting room at Edsa Shangri-la

3.  The Welcome Treats and surprise

After we have fueled our bodies with sweet treats from the club lounge, we headed to the 7th floor where our suite is located.   In the lobby, hubby and Bruce were too excited to look at the pool view.

the pool view from the elevator lobby at Edsa Shangr-la
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The VIP Treatment

We felt like a VIP not only because of the warm greetings and smiles from the employees, but also because of the welcome treats.  Aside from the plate of fruits on the office table, there were also 2 pieces of banana cakes and banana chips for us.

Bruce and his boardgame provided by Edsa Shangri-la

I was impressed because they already set up the X-box and placed the monopoly board on the center table.

Delicious treats provided by Edsa Shangri-la

While we had a tour in our suite, I saw the full-sized executive writing desk. I thought of using it late in the evening after the scheduled spa treatment. I brought my laptop with me because I planned to transfer files from my mobile phone. There are office supplies available in the drawer. A fax machine is also there for sending and receiving important files.

our working desk in our room

They also prepared a small wedding anniversary cake for us since we were celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. That was so sweet!

complimentary cake from Edsa Shangri-la for our wedding anniversary

Bruce also enjoyed his mini chocolate cake and candies with his edible name 🙂

While the kids were playing the X-box that they set up in the living room and the Monopoly board game, we were having a tour of the bedroom and toilet. We were also impressed because they knew the total number of guests in the room; therefore, they also prepared 4 pairs of slippers, 4 bathrobes, 4 dental kits, and 4 bottled water in the suite. I didn’t have to call them to remind them about those things.

Also, in five-star hotels like Edsa Shangri-la, they have an ironing board and iron in the walk-in closet.  I am not that skilled in folding clothes in my luggage, so my clothes are always crumpled.


We loved the bedroom–I just noticed that they lack outlets since hubby and I charge our phones most of the time.  Those outlets should be placed near the bed so the guests can be more comfortable.

Surprise from Edsa Shangri-la, a pic with the swan towels

So sweet of them to prepare rose petals on the bed.  ‘Twas so romantic, but we didn’t have a private moment together, as it turned out to be a family affair, but it was all worth it.

4.  Celebration

The photos below were taken during our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la. We had our pre-dinner in the cocktail hour at Horizon Club Lounge.

The fruits on the table in the Horizon Lounge during our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la
desserts in the Horizon Club Lounge
Cheers!  2 glasses of wine for our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la

5.  Our Own Jacuzzi @ the suite

Aside from the spacious walk-in closet, I also love their bathroom because it has its own jacuzzi and premium toiletries. This is too perfect for our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la.

soaking at the jacuzzi during our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la

6. The Spa

I had the chance to destress @ Chi, the Spa, and were relaxed with the Simply Chi Treatment. It was included in the Bonus Choice package that I availed. We did not avail of the couple massage because I know hubby would disapprove of the additional cost.

Chi, the Spa, where I had a massage during our celebration at Edsa Shangri-la

I also love having a spa treatment and I always wanted to try Chi, the Spa.  After the elevator ride to the 4th floor where the reception is, I was ushered to my room.


Chi Spa has a total of 10 rooms (8 individual and 2 couple rooms)  An individual room is big enough.  As you enter, there is a footwash area.

You have your own bathroom, closet with vault where you can put your belongings, a red robe and a pair of slippers.

There was also a separate toilet and shower area.

restroom.jpgWhat I like also is the inclusion of toiletries for the guests.


Ms. Tess- the assigned therapist for me asked if I would like to have steambath, but I just had a jacuzzi bath in our suite, so we started with the massage already.

I wanted to take a dip in the outdoor tub, but it is only in the couple’s room.

the tub at the Chi Spa, Edsa Shangrila  Hotel

After the treatment, i had a good night sleep.  Though I wanted to stay up late to upload more files, i needed that beauty rest also.

On our way to HEAT the following day, I saw this.

The Nail Bar at the Edsa Shangri-la

I really wanted to have a manicure and pedicure so I headed to  the table for Chi Spa beside Heat, Unfortunately, it was unmanned that time.

front desk at the Edsa Shangri-la
At the Chi Spa, Edsa Shangri-la

I called the front office and I was glad that the one who answered me offered to have the brochure be delivered in our suite.  Too bad, there was no more time because we had to leave at 4pm.  Next time, I promise myself to book a nail treatment also.

7.  Buffet breakfast @ HEAT

ice cream at the Heat, Edsa Shangri-la

If before, I had a bad experience with them, this time, we really  enjoyed the breakfast.  They have  variety of food especially the desserts and ice cream!

(There will be a separate post about our breakfast buffet @ HEAT)

8. The swimming pool

Our staycation won’t be complete without swimming time!  The kids especially Bruce, is really looking forward for this.  Unlike the other hotels, Edsa Shangri-la has an outdoor pool, where you can truly relax and unwind.  It’s like having a break at a private resort in the city.  If only I had more time, I would have spent the whole day lounging and relaxing, but my priority that day is to let the kids enjoy also.

relaxing mode at Edsa Shangri-la pool
Edsa Shangri-la's swimming pool

Hubby and I decided to give the time for Bruce this time since we have the time to bond with each other on summer @ Ferra Hotel Boracay for my blog launch.

family bonding at the pool of Edsa Shangri-la

We loved the swimming pool for the kids and adults. They have a clean restroom equipped with toiletries where guests can take a shower and use the toilet.

swimming time at Edsa Shangri-la with my family

9. The Gym

I also love the 24 hour access to the gym. They have different fitness machines and they also have water and tea for refreshments.  The changing rooms have lockers, shower area, toilets, lap pool and jacuzzi.

I was quite disappointed because I wasn’t able to take photos in the jacuzzi and lap pool. I understand the rules, but I was all ALONE at that time 🙁 Taking of pictures are not allowed because the other guests won’t have privacy at all. But as what I have mentioned, I had the entire space for myself I should have shown you how relaxing it is in the female area. We have our jacuzzi in the suite, so that wasn’t much of an issue. I am hoping though that next time I can post photos if I am alone.

Another sad part is that I also don’t have photos of the gym. My 15-year old son wasn’t allowed to get in because they only allow 16 year old and above to use the gym.  There was nobody to take photos of me using the gym like what we usually do @ Anytime Fitness.  Oh well, another sad story 🙁

Only this gym experience provided me this heartache in our stay.

10. Exceptional Service

with jeannie, whom I coordinated with in the Horizon Club Lounge prior to our stay
Eddie from the Horizon Club Lounge of Edsa Shangri-la
with Eddie, who served us cocktails and accompanied us to the EDSA Suite for a tour
with Ms. Terryle and Ferdie of Edsa Shangri-la
with Terylle, (who assisted us in the Horizon Club Lounge and also guided us in our room tour) and Ferdie, who returned my selfie stick

It’s the people behind Edsa Shangri-La, who made them climb to the top. From Gilbert to the Horizon Club Lounge staff (Mitch, Jeannie, Eddie, and Terylle) who treated us very well and attended to all our needs, Ferdie, who returned my selfie stick when I left it when we checked out and to Mr. Claudio Togo, their EAM, who also greeted and welcomed us.

We felt the sincerity in giving your guests the best service, and I salute you for that. I remember when hubby was filling the jacuzzi with water, he accidentally pressed the alarm. After a few seconds, the phone in the toilet rang, and when I picked it up, the guy on the other side of the line asked me if everything was okay. I told them what happened, but he said to me that they would check the room. They wanted to make sure that their guests are safe.

With Mr. Claudio Togo, EAM of Edsa Shangri-la
It’s my pleasure to meet the AEM, Mr. Claudio Togo

We were able to avail the late check-out at 4pm so it’s all worth it booking at the Horizon Club.

family snacks.jpg

What are the improvements since our last stay with Edsa Shangri-la?

  1.  They already have the  bubble bath so the kids really enjoyed.
bubble kids.jpg

2.  They are already consistent with the information that they give to their guests.  It seems they have improved with their customer service skills as well.


Note: There will be a separate post about the Heat, the Edsa Suite Tour, Tower Wing De luxe twin room, Garden Wing Deluxe Suite tour.

What to improve:

  1. Make sure the reception tables have employees who can answer the guests’ queries 24/7.
  2. Orient the guests what they can offer esp. if they have kids with them. I would have loved to use the playroom, but we were not adequately informed. Should we just come and inquire? In our previous trip to another hotel a few years ago, we were given schedules of the activities that they have in the playroom and also information is also available in our room, they gave it to us just in case Shane would like to play.
cubs and cubbies.jpg

The Verdict

Overall, we enjoyed the overnight stay. I highly recommend Edsa Shangrila Hotel — it’s worth the money for an extraordinary experience.  We will be back because I recommended the hotel to a friend and already assisted her with the booking for 15 days.  Definitely, I will come back. Until next post 🙂


1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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