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Hello, dear readers!  I have mentioned to you about the stress that I’ve been dealing with lately and I have shared to you about my plans of signing off to my as a classroom teacher.  I carefully planned about the gradual changes this last quarter of the year as I open the new chapter on 2020 with a bang!

Part of the said changes is my fitness journey.  I wanted to be in shape on my upcoming wedding anniversary on April 30, 2020 and on my blog/vlog relaunch on the 1st of May.  Since I had health issues before, I decided not to be hard on myself in achieving the beach-ready body that I visualize and dream to have.  I can do it gradually— probably few minutes per day of cardio exercises per day before I can allot longer time for the daily workout.

Luckily, there is Anytime Fitness Xentro Mall Antipolo, which is just few minutes walk away from our home.   I checked the place and I was pleased to see that aside from its posh design , it is also well-maintained and they have several machines that the members can use.


Though some prefer to come in the evening so they can totally rest after the workout, I prefer to have it early in the morning where I can have the club by myself because I love privacy.  I’m not that comfortable to work out during peak hours were the club is jampacked with members.

I am not that much into heavy workout, just few cardio exercises are fine with me as long as I sweat and burn calories.  So what is my goal?  I would like to have firm legs and nice abs in time for summer.


One of my favorites is the rowing machine where I can already have arm and leg exercise.


The dumbbells are for my arms because I want them to be firm.  I’m getting more conscious now especially that most of my tops are sleeveless.


Aside from using the machines, they also have schedule of classes– in fact, I was able to take videos of the Retro Zumba class this weekend but those are already posted in my vlogvlog, IG and FB page.

One thing that I like in their club is that they have private bathrooms that the members can use.  Each bathroom comes with a toilet and shower area with hot and cold water, shampoo and shower gel.  There are also locker rooms wherein members can place their valuables while working out and having a shower.

While they do not have sauna and lounge like the other fitness clubs, their advantage is that they operate for 24 hours.  Members can access the club anytime they want even on holidays.


As you can see in my photos, I still have fats to burn— this coming December, I will use my free 1 month membership with Anytime Fitness Antipolo  because that is the month when I usually eat more than I do– parties everywhere and a lot of dishes and desserts to feast on.  At least, even if I eat that much, I can burn calories daily and I will be motivated to achieve the body that I used to have before.   I will end the year with having a fitness routine and will start 2020 with my fitness journey with Anytime Fitness.

I am so excited to share with you on my next vlog/blog about their workout machines and equipment that I will try and demonstrate to you.  i will also feature some classes so you can take a peek on what they offer.   I will also update you from time to time and you will witness the transformation til I show you off my summer-ready body on May.

Anytime Fitness Xentromall Antipolo gives free trial pass so you can try and experience it before you sign up.


2nd Floor Xentro Mall, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo City

(02) 8243 0703

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