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We have been celebrating the World Teachers’ Day in the Philippines for 10 years now.  Every year, the city of Antipolo gives minor, major and cash prizes to the teachers.   Ever since I was hired in the service in 2009, I have not won any prize in the raffle draw.  I wasn’t expecting to win a prize at all because there were 5k plus of teachers in Antipolo who attended the event last October 4, 2019 at the Ynares Center in Antipolo.

Hubby and I headed to the Ynares Center as early as 7am and there were freebies for the teachers- from vitamins, fan, eco bag, to popcorn and French fries.  They gave a treat to teachers for our special day.

After watching the zumba performances of the teachers from the different divisions, I already planned to go home, but hubby asked me to finish the program because we might win in the raffle draw.  I decided to stay since hubby is kinda lucky in winning prizes. (I haven’t mentioned that he won as the Well-Loved Teacher in their school).


And so, while waiting for another hour that seemed as eternity, I just saw my name flashed on the screen.  I just won Php3,000 from Gov. Nini Ynares.  Hehehe, thank you so much for this– probably, you have sensed that I am already going to bid farewell this schoolyear that’s why you have given me a cash prize that I can use to shop for new stuff.


Though it’s not too much, I am really thankful for this chance.  I thought carefully how I will spend the money and after few hours of thinking, I finally decided to use it for shopping.


The first shop that I visited in SM Masinag was BENCH .  I bought a set of 3 hankies for P195 and a hairbrush for P129.


a pink unicorn notebook for P249.00.  I love pink and purple unicorn designs and I am collecting notebooks for my journal or blog organizers.

unicorn notebook

3 pairs of tassel earrings at Aksesoriz for P59.00 each.

pair of earrings

a unicorn keychain for P149.75.

unicorn earrings

I got these stuff from Lazada:

I chose blazers that I can use in the office.

floral blouse.jpg
Pink floral blouse P548 for casual attire

Finally, I decided to spend the Semidilino hair treatment at Mary Pauline Salon @ P1,200.  I bought new clothes already so it’s about time to pamper my hair too— after all, it’s the girl’s crowning glory and it’s just lately that I realized that I should spend in my hair too.  I would go for the hair color and hair spa some other time– this Semidilino is kinda expensive.  I guess, L’oreal hair spa would be fine for my hair next time.  There was nothing magical that happened to my hair– no transformation so I won’t waste my money again for this.

I knew that I have spent more than the prize, but I guess it’s all worth it.  I deserve a treat anyway since I have worked so hard these past few months both in school and in my own business.

Watch out for my vlog about this in my YouTube channel.  Til next post 🙂

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