Coffee Day Bonding @ UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall


Celebrating the International Coffee Day

I started the 1st of October by bonding with my friends at UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall in celebration of the International Coffee Day. It was my second time in the coffee shop. The first time we visited was when we screened an applicant a year ago. Honestly, I find it quite expensive, and even my friends don’t like to hang out there either. They prefer other cozy coffee shops that offer affordable coffee and snacks.

Probably, you’re wondering what brought us there. I heard that they have a Buy-1 take one promo for the International Coffee Day. I convinced two of my friends to celebrate the event with me. UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall is just walking distance from my place, and after the short chitchat over coffee, I can go home and do the laundry 🙂

The menu at UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall

What We Ordered

It took us a while to choose what are we going to order.  I settled for the Kori Kohi (Cold Brew Ice Coffee Cubes, Warm Milk and Syrup. We have availed the Buy 1 take 1 promo for P230.

During that time, we were still full. I just ordered Mango Clairs (Japanese-style Waffle Crepe with ice cream for P268. I liked it because it wasn’t too sweet. Probably it’s because the fruits blended and complimented well to the chocolate syrup and ice cream.

Mango Clairs at UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall
Mango Clairs

Susan ordered Davao Chocolate for P190 and Lorie chose Iced Cafe Latte for P190 and for the food, they just shared 1 order of Carbonara with Garlic Bread for P298.

Carbonara and Cafe Latte at UCC  Clockwork Xentro Mall
Carbonara and Cafe Latte

We enjoyed our coffee, but Susan had a hard time because at UCC Clockwork, they are strawless.  When she asked for a straw, the waitress offered a metal straw for P200.  She did not avail one because she already have purchased one according to her that’s why she just used a spoon.

Our coffee bonding at UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall

Though it was quite expensive, I enjoyed the bonding.  For the bill, I spent P540 for the two of us (Kyle and me)

If ever we would have another coffee bonding, it’s certain that it wont be at UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall anymore.  We might have it at Starbucks SM Masinag , Yellow Lantern or other cafes.  There is nothing negative about the place, the food and coffee– it’s just that people are being practical.  I might come back if there will be promos like this one.

You can watch my vlog about our coffee bonding here.  Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂  Til next coffee bonding, folks!

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2 thought on “Coffee Day Bonding @ UCC Clockwork Xentro Mall”

  1. Lilly says:

    Cold brew coffee cubes? Interesting! I wish we had a coffee shop that served that in Dallas!

    1. Yup, it’s my first time to try that and I was lucky because it was a buy one take one deal 🙂

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