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my first unboxing vlog

Hello, everyone!  This is the first time that I started have an unboxing vlog which turned out to be kinda funny because it was actually “unpacking” or revealing the contents of what I ordered via Lazada online shopping.  Well, I was already thinking about it doing it few years ago even before I started blogging, but I didn’t push through with it for unknown reasons, hehe!

When I finally decided that I wanted to do this series of “unboxing vlogs,”  I collected the 4 items that I ordered and shown the contents to the viewers,  It wasn’t perfect, but the experience was different and I’m actually enjoying doing it that I am planning my second unboxing vlog.  This time, I will talk more about the items and will show to you guys my honest to goodness reaction– if I was satisfied or not with the product and will tell the brand and price as well.


The good thing about doing this unboxing vlog is the element of surprise that I experience when I get to open the box or package and revealing the contents to the viewers.  It is also very easy to shoot because there is no need for you to compile videos and and compress it to one.  You can have it in one shot.

What about you, have you ever tried to do this?  What kind of unboxing vlog do you share to your viewers?  Probably you can share some tips  by leaving a comment  here and sharing your YouTube link as well.  You may also subscribe to my YouTube channel  and I would gladly appreciate that because I need 1k subscribers before I have my relaunch on May 1, 2020 in Boracay island.

Til my next unboxing vlogs, folks!

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