Horrible Continental Club Experience @ Marco Polo

The Receiving Area at Marco Polo Ortigas
the lobby

Why I booked the Continental Club Room

It was the third time that I booked a Continental Club room in Marco Polo Ortigas Manila because I wanted our stay to be perfect and hassle-free. Continental club guests have exclusive access to the lounge where they can have unlimited afternoon refreshments, coffee, tea, and juices from 2:30-5:00 pm and pre-dinner cocktails and canapes from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

I decided to book a Continental Club room because I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday. For me, it’s practical to book a club room because your three meals during your stay are already covered, including non-alcoholic drinks/refreshments until 10 pm.

The Special Event

I planned to surprise hubby with an overnight staycation in Marco Polo. Supposedly, hubby is only available to come at 7 pm after classes, and I asked him to fetch me beside Marco Polo at 7 pm to pick us up after office hours. I thought whether I would inform him at that time or tell him in the morning. I decided to say to him when he woke up because he might have other plans with his colleagues in the afternoon.

It was a blessing in disguise when the afternoon classes were suspended, so he had the time to be with us on his special day. Hubby disapproves of this kind of celebration– knowing him, he would instead celebrate his birthday at home with us. It is a special occasion, so I think he deserves to have a special celebration and de-stress as well– he needed a break from the stressful work at school. I thought that an overnight birthday staycation at Marco Polo would help in a way.

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The Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas

One of the benefits of the Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas is the private check-in and check-out. We didn’t have to go to the 24th floor where the queue of the guests are. I have chosen to book a Continental De Luxe Room (51 sq meters) because it’s bigger than the Continental Superior room, which is about 38 sq meters. Since Shane is already 12 years old, I was confident that they would accept her in the lounge. Before this booking, I already have inquired in Edsa Shangri-la for our wedding anniversary celebration in October, and they informed me that Shane is already counted as an adult because she is 12 years old. That was the reason why I upgraded to a Garden Wing Premier Suite.

Check in at the Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas

.Everything was perfect until the associate asked about Shane’s age. I was surprised when she was telling me that a 12-year-old kid won’t be allowed to the lounge, especially in cocktail hour. In their letter, it clearly says that children UNDER 12 years old (11 and below) are not permitted at the lounge. She is already 12, so she SHOULD BE ALLOWED there. If they insist that 12 years old isn’t allowed, they should have changed their letter to 13 years old and below are not allowed– so that applies to 12 years old

continental club letter

After a few minutes of talking with the associate, she insisted that they should be firm and consistent in implementing the rule. What she can do is to allow Shane to enjoy the afternoon tea time but NOT in cocktail hour. I requested to speak with the manager, and after a few minutes, he came. He said that what they can do is to let us get and take out food for her. For me, it wasn’t fair. She should have enjoyed the pre-dinner with us, but we left her in the room 🙁



Our room at the Continental Club at Marco mPolo Ortigas

The Freebies

the welcome fruits

The Space

continental club de luxe room at Marco Polo Ortigas
bedroom at the Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas
night view at The Continental Club room at Marco Polo Ortigas
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working desk and television in our continental club room at Marco Polo Ortigas
ironing board
the iron and ironing board
nespresso machine in our Continental Club Room at Marco Polo Ortigas
Nespresso machine and complimentary bottled water for 2
water kettle.jpg
electric kettle and two cups 
minibar 2.jpg
Best of Vegas Generic


bathroom 1.jpg
toiletries. in our Continental Club Room at Marco Polo Ortigas
premium toiletries
bathroom 2.jpg
the bathtub.in our Continental Club room at Marco Polo Ortigas
the bathtub

AFTERNOON TEA TIME (2:30-5:00 pm)

Because we had to go to the room and let Shane wear closed shoes, we didn’t have much time to enjoy the sweet treats and afternoon refreshments.

lounge at the Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas
lounge 2.jpg
the library at the Continental Club Lounge at Marco Polo Ortigas
the library
sweets at the Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas
afternoon snacks
my snacks at the Continental Club at Marco Polo Ortigas


Another thing why I like booking the club room is because of its free 2 hour boardrrom use.  We were able to use the boardroom from 4:30 to 6:30pm

meeting room.jpg
boardroom 1.jpg
coffee break while in a meeting
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the Pasta Station

hubby and me at the Continental Club Lounge at Marco Polo Ortigas
pre-dinner without Shane with us 🙁

The Surprise Turned Into A Disaster

After the pre-dinner, we went back to the room and gave Shane her take out food from the lounge. Few days before our overnight stay, I was already communicating with the reservations and marketing regarding the birthday surprise. I thought I didn’t have to remind them because they took note of it in our email conversations. I reminded the reception in the Continental Lounge after the afternoon tea, so I thought he would be surprised after the pre-dinner.

When we came back to the room, there wasn’t any setup. I needed to phone the front desk to remind them. After a few minutes, somebody knocked- I thought it was already the surprise, but the housekeeping that brought a new toothbrush, toiletries, and bottled water. The staff told me he would remind the front desk about it. When we were about to sleep, two ladies came with a mini cake and a balloon.

the staff.jpg
birthday cake

This is strike number 2 already and honestly, it didn’t turn out the way I expected it.  In other five-star hotel like Edsa Shangri-la & even 4-star hotel like Discovery Suites, the cake arrived few minutes before

Day 2

The Pool Area & Female’s Locker Room

The indoor pool at Marco Polo Ortigas
the swimming pool
The jacuzzi at the Marco Polo Ortigas
vanity area.jpg
vanity area in the female changing room
after the hot tub bath.jpg
after the hot tub bath
Anolon Advanced Home Indigo


buttered vegetables
chicken adobo
iced coffee.jpg
bacon and hash browns.jpg
Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry
after breakfast.jpg

Few days after this staycation, I posted a review in Tripadvisor, and the front office manager reached out to me through email. She admitted the mistake they had for saying that my 12-year-old kid shouldn’t be allowed in the lounge, which I appreciated. She even offered complimentary access for three people in my next overnight stay valid until December 2019. I think it is NOT a practical decision to book again to have access to the Continental Club Lounge at Marco Polo Ortigas. They should have given access without requiring me to book a room if they are sincere.

To sum it all up, I have made the wrong decision to celebrate hubby’s birthday in Marco Polo.  It’s just  a waste of money– I should have stayed at home instead because the surprise turned out to be a total disaster.

I like the hotel itself (there’s no question about that) but the staff  who make the inconsistencies are the ones responsible for the poor service.

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My rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

ROOM ♥♥♥♥♥♥

The Continental Club room is spacious enough for the 3 of us.  I’m contented with the premium toiletries, furnishings and


I was saddened with this experience.  Also, I had to request for additional supplies in the room.  In other hotels, they already prepare supplies for 3 pax.

FOOD ♥♥♥

Limited food in the Continental Lounge.  They also have limited servings per dish now.


I like the amenities (pool, spa, fitness center, female changing area)

PRICE:  ♥♥

Overpriced for their kind of service.


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