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Boracay is one of my favorite summer destinations and every year I am really looking forward to an escape in this island where I can have peace of mind and temporarily forget EVERYTHING.  Just this summer, I brought my family with us for a 6-day stay in paradise, where hubby and I were scheduled to have our renewal of vows.  If it will just be the two of us, it would be easy for me to find nice and affordable place– but since it would be four adults and two kids, I had a lot of things to consider.  I ended up booking a Family Suite directly in Ambassador in Paradise Resort’s website for the early bird promo where I got a deal of 3/d 2/n stay for just P28,000 for all of us.


with the gorilla 2

When I first set foot in this island last 2011, one of the first pic I had was the one taken with the famous gorilla in front of the hotel.  I didn’t dare to book the hotel in my previous trips because at first I was looking for inexpensive accommodation, but as years go by, I have realized that I should try mid-range and even five star hotels too.  How would I know if I wouldn’t try?  How can I share to the public if I myself have not experienced it?

Everytime I see the antiquated hotel I couldn’t help but  to wonder and there you go– after 8 years, I finally gave Ambassador in Paradise a try.  Because of curiosity, I think it’s all worth it;  after all, I found a great deal.


Honestly, I was quite disappointed because I was expecting a very spacious and elegant lobby, but it turned out to be a small and average.   Instantly, I knew that the overall rating isn’t five star.  Oh well, at the back of my mind, there’s  a voice telling me that probably, there is something special with this hotel; otherwise, it won’t be listed as one of the 5-star hotels in Boracay.

We were greeted by the staff and were given welcome drinks and seashell necklaces while they were verifying our identities. We had a quick check-in.  As soon as they have received the payment and verified our identities, we were given our key cards, towel cards and a regular mobile phone (because they do not have a telephone in the room).  It was indeed a bright idea!  That way, guests will be able to call them instantly if they have any concerns or requests.

For the towel cards, it was our first time to experience it in a hotel.  I like the idea because most guests would be needing a towel either in the pool area or at the beach and it would be an easy way for them to track if the guests have returned their towels or not.

keycards and towel cards

The receptionist carefully explained to us about the rules and regulations in the hotel.  We were assisted by a staff to bring our luggage to our room.   Luckily, we were assigned to a room located near the floor– so convenient for us since we have a 5 year old kid with us and a senior citizen.




They have 2 bedrooms– the first one is near the door and the veranda where you can see the amazing and relaxing view of the pool and beach.  The other one is in the basement with its own toilet, TV and sofa as well.


restroom selfie.jpg


As soon as I have inspected the rooms, my disappointment turned into contentment.  Our room was very close to the restaurant, pool and the beach and I super loved it!


What I look forward in a resort/hotel are the following:

COFFEE  ♥♥♥ (They have 3 free 3-in-1 coffee, tea, bottled water per room – and another set of 3 in the basement).  They also have an electric kettle which was a hit for us because all of us drink coffee except for the 5 year old kid.

IRON/IRONING BOARD  😦  As soon as I have unpacked my clothes, I saw the wedding gown that I will wear the following day. I grabbed the phone and inquired if it’s possible for me to borrow an iron and a board so I can press the gown.  I was disappointed because they didn’t have one in the room.  That confirmed that the hotel isn’t really a five-star hotel because if it is, almost everything that you need will just be one snap for you.  To make this long story short, I wasn’t able to wear the wedding gown for our renewal of vows 😦


If you have seen in the video, I looked for the bathtub but sad to say, it wasn’t included in our room.  I love to soak in hot bath whenever I am in a hotel to destress.  The toiletries were just average- not luxurious but not cheap.


They have wifi access but the thing is you have to log in everytime you go back to the resort.  There were times also that I used my own data connection just to upload photos and videos.


al fresco


I loved the breakfast @ Al Fresco and the foods were all delectable.  The staff were very attentive as well 🙂


jas and shane twinning


beachbed ambassador


The swimming pool is not that big but it’s quite okay for me.  They have provided beachbeds in the pool area and beachfront.  They have colorful floaters for the kids to use and there are lifeguards who are looking after the kids.


The thing that I like in booking a luxury hotel like Shangri-la, Discovery Shores and Marco Polo is the VIP treatment from the staff- from the welcome freebies and excellent service from the front desk staff to utility staff.  Though I like the professionalism of the staff, a five-star hotel makes an effort to satisfy and to make their guests’ stay memorable.

When we had our renewal of vows, I didn’t receive any greeting or complimentary item from them like what we receive in other hotels in special occasions.  Those simple gestures from them make you feel very special.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that way when we spent our 3/d 2/n stay with them with my family.


four star

I give Ambassador 4 out of 5 stars because of the super nice location and good service.


Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan 5608 Philippines

+63 977 337 0583

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