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Because I went to Boracay with the rest of my family to literally forget about everything and unwind, I thought it was a wise decision to stay in a loft suite at Alta Vista.  We just came from a 3d/2n stay in Ambassador in Paradise and in just staying for few minutes, I already felt the huge difference in terms of comfort, service and class.  Ambassador in Paradise may be a bit antiquated, but our family was comfortable during our stay.

I knew for a fact that it was located in Yapak and there was no shuttle service from there to D’Mall  because the main road was under construction at that time.  The multicabs and the other vehicles had to take another route.  We didn’t have any choice but to commute from Citymall (the pick-up point) to D’Mall.

Being far from the crowd is not an issue for me.  In fact,  a month before the Boracay closure in 2018, I was there with Hubby and Shane and we stayed in Fairways & Bluewater.  It was far from the parties and action in the White Beach, but we have enjoyed our stay.  I was thinking that staying there would be the same experience, but my dream turned into a nightmare.


The lobby was clean, modern and very large so I was excited to see our loft suite.  I liked the surroundings and the pool as well.








check in

Check in was a breeze and the front desk staff were courteous and patient in explaining about the rules and regulations.  I had lots of queries because I didn’t want to have any hassle with our stay and we will be leaving a day before the check out because we will be transferring to Estacio Uno in our last day.

stubs and wifi password


We were assigned to the Hymettus Building in the 3rd floor.  I thought each building has a pool just like in Fairways.


The corridor wasn’t inviting at all.  Based from what we saw, we already had a sneak peek on what to expect inside.


I was disappointed when I saw the loft suite. It wasn’t as elegant and classy as what I have in my mind.



There was a small living area with an old and dusty-looking sofa and a veranda with no breathtaking view.


Our suite can accommodate 4-6 pax but the supplies were only good for two.  There were two sets of plates, spoon and fork, and glasses,  Even the free bottled waters, sachets of coffee and tea are also good for 2 pax.  I had to call the Housekeeping Department to request for additional slippers.


One of my favorite place in the hotel room is the bathroom where I can soak in the bathtub and relax.  Unfortunately, there is NO bathtub in our suite and I didn’t like the toiletries either. There was a separate small shower area and toilet with no lock so there is no privacy at all.  There was a small vanity area where you can blow dry your hair and check how you look.




The veranda has no breathtaking view and we just used the table there once when we ate our dinner and we just used the area for drying our clothes.



loft room

We moved the other bed because it wasn’t safe for our 5 year old kid as he is fond of jumping and he might fall.  There is just a small space where we can move and I was bored to death because there was no television in the loft room.  The television is in the living area and it was used by my father who was watching sports all the time.  Though we were given a wifi password, it was useless because there was very weak signal in the resort, so I ended up using my mobile data as usual.


I’m a very picky eater and I’m very particular with what I eat.

every summer has a story

As long as there is egg, chicken, pasta and congee, I’m okay with the breakfast buffet.  It’s just that I didn’t like the taste.



Food was just average and they had limited choices.  Our tummies were filled but we didn’t enjoy the tasteless food and whole buffet breakfast experience.


If there’s one thing that I like about Alta Vista is that they give their guests exclusive access to the Puka Beach.  The shuttle service brings the guests from the pick up area in the resort to the beach and vice versa.

waiting for the shuttle to the puka beach

thumbs down.jpg

We waited for eternity for the shuttle service.  It was the guard’s fault– he asked us to be seated and he said he will just inform us if we can already go to the vehicle.  If we hadn’t taken any initiative to check, we would have missed the trip again.

towel area puka

family pic puka 1

They provide the guests with towels and a space with tables and chairs where they can put their things and eat.


They have a shuttle service that takes the guests to the City Mall and Puka Beach.  If you would like to go to the White Beach, you had to go on your own and rent a multicab.

shuttle waiting area



There is only one swimming pool– the infinity pool near the lobby.  The view was amazing but it wasn’t like Fairways wherein you can have pool-hopping just like what we did before the Boracay closure in 2018.



selfie pool view.jpg


1. Add more room supplies like slippers, coffee, tea, toiletries.  The family suite is for 4 to 6 pax so the supplies should fit the number of people in the room.

2. They should also do something about the WIFI connection because most of the guests are hooked to social media.

3.  Add delectable and variety of food in the breakfast buffet.  The guests will come back if their tummies were also satisfied.

4.  Add more amenities like gym and kiddie area so the guests can enjoy and won’t be bored.

5.  Add a television in the loft room.


two star

If there’s one lesson that I have learned, that is not to get deceived by photos in the website.  Definitely, I won’t go back anymore– it’s just a waste of time and money.


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