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It was my first time to visit Boracay on a labor day and I was really clueless that time what to experience.  Before, when it’s LABORACAY week, you can see parties everywhere– dinning music and people getting wild and drunk.  Since I am not much into partying, I was contented to watch the firedancers while walking from Station 1 to 3.  Ever since Boracay has closed due to its rehabilitation, there has been a lot of changes.  When the island opened on October  2018, the tourists and the locals love and embraced the NEW Boracay and I must say that though many have sacrificed, it was indeed worth waiting for.

I never thought that I would have my instant vlog launch at Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant on May 1, 2019 because it was unplanned.  Supposedly, it will be done in the island hopping activity after our renewal of vows on April 30, 2019.  Unfortunately, our boat was caught by the Boracay policemen and the boat provider was fined P11,000 and the boat was put on hold, so were dropped to Station 1 right after we docked in Ilig-iligan Beach.  The boatmen were not aware that docking there was prohibited–so in other words, there was NO activity right after the renewal of vows 😦  Just for the sake of formally introducing my YouTube channel to the people, I decided to go live on Facebook and do it.

Surprisingly, the people were very disciplined and they do have parties, but those were done inside the establishment– no more people dancing in the beachfront.  It was then that I used #loveboracay for my hashtags instead of #laboracay.  One of the highlights of my Boracay trip is to feature a cafe/restaurant that serves fresh, delectable and healthy food and beverages for a reasonable price — that is Lemoni Cafe located in the heart of D’ Mall.  Whether you are just exploring for pasalubong shopping, just walking around, or searching for the perfect place to dine for breakfast, siesta or dinner, you can’t miss this one.  You will see their bright lime and yellow colored sign outside (It’s just that we came at dinner that’s why it looked like this, hehehe!)

lemon cafe logo

Though we came at dinnertime, we still felt the vibrant energy of the cafe.   Upon entering, you will be relaxed with the welcoming ambiance.  You can opt to be seated outdoors or inside the cafe.  At that time, ’twas humid that’s why we have considered sitting outside but we wanted more privacy so we settled inside instead.


While we were waiting for the food to be served, we were given glasses of lemon water.  This is exactly what I need- a drink with Vitamin C that would also help in the blood circulation and good for those who have UTI.  In one of the articles I’ve read in Medical News Today, it states that according to human studies, lemon can help treat kidney stones.

water with lemon.jpg

lemon water



Lemon Cafe is not only a hit to Filipinos but for the health-conscious tourists as well.   Based from the name itself– the cafe’s inspiration is none other than the Lemon family (Lemon- Lime-Calamansi- Dalandan- Pomelo- Orange-Grape Fruit and Lemongrass).  Their dishes and refreshments are done with a twist that you will definitely enjoy.


My son Kyle had the Beef Teriyaki and he was speechless after eating this.  His feedback:  meat was tender and juicy — perfect with the savory teriyaki sauce.

Beef Teriyaki 420

Beef Teriyaki  P420.00


This flavorful dish (with sauteed vegetables, marbled potatoes and yogurt mint sauce)  is also a big hit to the kids.  I took advantage of their excitement in devouring the Pinoy Tapa and garlic rice (for Shane) and the Beef Teriyaki (for Kyle),so after trying this, I already secured something for their grandpa who was waiting for us in the hotel before it vanishes in a matter of seconds, hahaha!

I ate  the 2 eggs, garlic rice (part of the tapa dish)  and a little bit of the other dishes that’s why my tummy was in full tank that time.

grilled pork chops 1

Grilled Pork Chops   P490


Another dish that we had was the Herb Nicoise– this is a healthy salad (fresh pan-seared tuna, potato, eggs and kalamata olives).  We loved the fresh lemony herbal flavor and because I know my father would love this, we brought something for him too.

Herb Nicoise

Herb Nicoise  P490


This is what hubby selected–salmon with mango, cucumber, coriander , grilled and pickled veggies.  I recommend this for those who do not like meat but loves seafood 🙂

Salmon Poke Bowl.jpg

Salmon Poke Bowl  P480


This crispy golden lemon fish cakes served with saffron sauce was only in the table for few minutes because after it was served, it totally disappeared.

Lemon Fish Cakes

Lemon Fish Cakes P300.00


My tummy was already in full tank by the time we have already finished eating all the dishes, but when the mouth-watering desserts were served, I couldn’t resist the temptation.   These are my favorites:  the heavenly Salted Caramel and the tangy Lemon Meringue.  I’m a huge fan of chocolates and other sweets and I never thought I would love the taste of the lemon meringue.  This is a must-try dessert if you are in Boracay.


Sweet temptation 🙂  Lemon meringue P160, Salted Caramel P150, Mango Madness P150 and Cherry Cheesecake P150.




mint pineapple

Mint Pineapple   P130

Mango lemon shake P150

Mango Lemon Shake P150

carrot orange tormeric

Carrot & Orange Turmeric P250

Of all the beverages we had, I liked the mint pineapple, which is a hit to their Filipino customers.  For international customers like the Koreans, they like the Mango Lemon shake.  For health-conscious customers, they prefer the Watermelon Ginger Crush and the Carrot & Orange Turmeric.

Lemoni Cafe is not just your typical cafe that offers standard comfort food and regular beverages.  This is a perfect place to hang out when you are in the island as it offers variety of healthy snacks and meals from breakfast to dinner.  The kitchen team really make an effort to make all the meals appetizing and not only that, everything that we had that evening was scrumptious.  You can also check out their cakes and pastries– they make birthday and wedding cakes.

So, what’s the verdict?  Of course, LEMONI CAFE is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Not only barkadas, couple and individuals will love the food, even the kids will ask for more, especially the desserts and beverages.  I will post my vlog about Lemoni Cafe soon– watch out for it.


4 D’Mall de Boracay, Malay, Aklan

 Phone:  (036) 288 6781



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